The Honda Civic Type R makes a return 0

Many fans will be excited to hear the news that the Honda Civic Type R is set to make a dramatic return to our roads.

It’s set to be the fastest ever version to date. Some rumours have stated that this may even be the Japanese company’s fastest ever turbo road car. Mugen, Honda’s sport tuning company are currently carrying out work on the car.

The car already has a monster of a reputation here in the UK. The standout exterior styling as well as the breathtaking performance of the car had many automotive wanting more.

More power and more efficient

Since then carbon emission regulations have been made to be a lot stricter. Many are wondering just how Honda have kept up the pure speed of the car with tougher pollution rules now in place. They’ve found a perfect solution, with their new 2.0 litre turbo engine specifically designed to be more efficient and meet the strict Euro V emission regulations. It is the same engine to feature in the Honda 2012 British Touring Car Championship Challenger.

The turbo powered car will add an extra bit of torque so higher gears will give more of an impact towards efficiency. Stop start will also be included within the vehicle which is a standard amongst many.

Volkswagen GTI to compete with

The Honda Civic has the Volkswagen Golf GTI to compete with. Considering that Volkswagen have hiked up the power of their GTI, Honda will need to bump up the power of their variant.

Figures of 210 BHP have been brandished about of what the car will be capable of. The Honda Civic Type R is said to reach 0 – 62 MPH in just 6.5 seconds. The top speed will be limited to 150 MPH according to some figures.

The new design was recently flaunted at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The car comes with some new slim headlights, LED daytime running lights a newly designed front grille. The front of the car will appear more aggressive with larger air intakes made of mesh. The low placed spoiler on the car along with the chunky side skirts.