The new Honda NSX set to be unveiled 0

The spectacular Honda NSX supercar is set to be showcased at the Detroit Motor Show. It will be concept of the final production meaning it won’t be the finished article.

Despite that many fans are thrilled that a new NSX is indeed on its way to us. The car has a strong following and is one of the most popular performance cars on the road. It’s so famous that it has even appeared in films such as Fast & Furious 5.

Styling change

We can expect something a bit different from the typical model. Honda are looking to change direction in terms of their styling, creating a more dynamic and modern look to the car.

More economical

Like many other sports cars of today, the NSX will be made a lot more economical without comprising the car’s power. The latest in green technology will allow the car to cut its fuel consumption as compared to the current model as well as lower its C02 emissions. Those particular attributes are as vital as the amount of power that the car is able to produce. Fuel prices are at an all time high throughout the world, with many moving away from supercars in order to purchase a vehicle that is more affordable to run. Carbon emissions are on Government agendas across the world. Many restrictions have been put in place in order to punish high emitting vehicles as car pollution is causing more problems than ever to the environment.

What will the green technology built within include? The car’s high revs will be linked to a type of hybrid drive train.  More details are set to be revealed when the car is next month at the Detriot Motor Show.


Despite the tag of being more economical, you can bet that Honda will indeed ensure that the car is capable of reaching ridiculous speeds and providing the type of performance that thrill seeking drivers are used too.

The car is said to use a V6 hybrid engine which is able to achieve 400 BHP. The car will also contain Honda’s SH-AWD, which stands for Honda’s Super Handling All Wheel Drive System.

It will be badged under Acura, the American company name for Honda.

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