The new McLaren 625C 1

The stunnmclaren-625c-for-asian-marketing McLaren 625C has been released. As the name of the car suggests, it is a less powerful version of the 650S. It will be designed to hit the Asian market.


The car comes with a very generous 616 BHP. This makes the car quite powerful despite being an understudy to the 650S, which is able to generate an amazing 641 BHP. The coupe and Spider versions will be able to hit an amazing time of 3.1 seconds when racing from 0 – 62 MPH. That’s only one tenth off the 650S. Reaching 124 MPH will take 8.8 seconds.

The 650C isn’t superior on all fronts. The 625C has been described as the McLaren with the greatest level of refinement to date. The new dampers and altered mechanical balance helped by softer springs at the rear of the car makes the drive more comfortable. It doesn’t miss out on McLaren’s wonderful driving technology either.

Regionally tailored

The car is what you can describe as one that is regionally tailored. The C in the name stands for Club, not China, as previously suggested as some. McLaren only recently joined the Asian market last September. For every third car they make, they are aiming to sell it in Asia. If achieved, that would be a huge increase on the 20 percent share the company previously had in 2013. The Asian market is one that the German automotive company will strive now more than ever to make an impact.

The sports car will be launched in Hong Kong to start with along with selected markets in the Asian market after.

It is the company’s biggest region in terms of growth; they will be looking to take advantage of the situation.

Just how well will the McLaren 625C do in the Asian market?