The ten best estate cars to buy in the UK 0

Since the rise of the SUV, estate cars have seen a marginal decline in popularity, but there definitely still remains a market. Plenty of motorists are still attracted by the well balanced combination of car like driving performance; as well as plenty of additional boot space. Here are ten of the best editions on the roads at the moment:

  1. Honda Civic Tourer. Without doubt, one of the most practical estates you can buy and it’s available with a powerful and efficient diesel engine. Perhaps not as quiet or comfortable as a VW Golf estate but the Civic is undeniably reliable and has plenty of quirks that scores of motorists find appealing.
  2. BMW 3-Series Touring. Not without its flaws, the BMW’s tapered rear section limits the overall capacity of the boot for example. This is heavily compensated though by the extremely rewarding driving experience. An excellent choice for those desiring the ability to transport plenty of luggage items with a degree of sportiness.
  3. Audi A6 Avant. Okay, there are more enjoyable cars to drive, but the Avant compensates in other areas. Spacious, extremely comfy and hugely efficient to drive – especially if you opt for the Ultra model. Its capacity and affordability definitely make it a contender.
  4. VW Golf Estate. A veteran these days perhaps, but the Golf falls into the category of ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’. It’s a terrific estate car which will cost you a bit more than much of the competition, but for that extra investment, you’re getting a car with a cavernous amount of space and all sorts of clever little features.
  5. Skoda Octavia Estate. Great value for what you get. And that’s a huge, family car with a good powerful engine and plenty of room. Perhaps not quite as comfortable as some estates, but the boot is almost as big as a Passat’s, with a price tag far below a Golf’s.
  6. The Mercedes-Benz E Class. It’s not cheap, but you get an extremely classy car for what you are paying. It’s the quintessential load carrier, comfortable and good looking. With an interior to match the class of the saloon, it’s slightly handicapped by a marginally smaller boot, if compared to some of the competition.
  7. The Passat Estate. A great buy, not only for its boot space – which is the best in the class, but for its class, comfort, and affordable running costs. Not the most fun estate you could buy, but definitely the most practical.
  8. Skoda Superb Estate. Simply one of the best estates you can buy. The Superb offers top quality comfort and a huge amount of load space. The starting prices are very economic too.
  9. Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer. A massive improvement on the previous Astra incarnation. Boasts a large and comfortable loading bay, top notch comfort and manageable dimensions. Out of all the smaller estates, it’s one of the best.
  10. Volvo V90. This Volvo is extremely good looking. Sits towards the top of the class thanks to the winning combination of excellent ride quality, comfort, practical loading space and performance. Not as vast as some of the Volvo’s of old, but far better looking.


PIC: Telegraph