The Toyota GT86 wins the best coupe of the year award for 2012 2

The Toyota GT86 won the prestigious Scottish Coupe of the Year award for 2012. The car was only released earlier last summer but has already made quite an impact here in the UK.

Toyota made the car an all rounder, appealing to a wide number of audiences rather than a select few. Firstly the car is not an almighty powerhouse. The GT86 is not too fast but not too slow either. It is no slow coach however, containing a modest 200 BHP along with 151 pound feet of torque. The 2.0 litre Subaru built flat 4 engine delivers a terrific performance. Expect great handling and a thrilling ride when combining that engine with its lightweight exterior body. Many deem the vehicle great for driving enthusiasts. The car can also adapt to those who want a stylish sports car but without the dominating power.

Given that the car is not totally performance orientated, the GT86’s emissions are fairly respectable. You will achieve 39.8 MPG along with 164 g/km. That is what ultimately swayed the judges at the Scottish Car of the Year Awards. It was not all plain sailing for the Toyota GT86 however. It was revealed that the vehicle came from behind in the battle to become number one. Other contenders within the category have not yet been revealed.

Many Toyota fans will be excited by the news. Even better is the fact that Toyota said that the GT86 is just the start of a long list of sports cars to come from their factories. What will come next? Many have linked the model to the successor of the Celica but it appears that the new coupe is wholly unique. Toyota’s next models could be the new Celica and the MR2.

From 0 – 60 MPH, the coupe hits a time of 7.4 seconds. It adapts a six speed manual gearbox adopting a rear wheel drive system. The vehicle’s top speed hits 140 MPH. The beauty of the car is that you have to learn how to drive it properly before the most can be made out of it. In that sense the vehicle really is for skilled drivers. Getting the maximum out of the vehicle requires the driver to seriously rev the vehicle all the way until the red line, until people turn, hear the engine and wonder what is going on.

Don’t be put off by its power statistics. Considering the weight of the car, the Toyota GT86 is a seriously superb vehicle to drive.