The UK Government and Driverless Cars 0

The-UK-Government-and-Driverless-CarsThe automotive world has moved towards the creation of autonomous cars at an alarming rate. We now see the likes of cruise control, assistive braking and autonomous parking, so we expect to see cars being fully autonomous within this decade. But with this, there are obvious concerns and laws which need to be met. So the understandable way to deal with this is through the creation of autonomous specific laws.

In recent weeks, the UK has been extremely proactive in their dealings with the future of the driverless car. Firstly, the Department for Transport have launched a competition in order to create more interest in the innovation of the driverless car. In February, £20 million was awarded to multiple driverless car projects across the country. Now, another £30 million has been invested too. This money will go to eight new projects across the country including the GATEway car project. Hopefully this money will be instrumental in making the UK one of the pioneers in the driverless car world; this is the aim of the government anyway.

The second move just undertaken by the government is to set up a public consultation. The consolation will look at the view of the public on some key issues surrounding autonomous vehicles. With this, the government will be able to have a clear consensus on the direction to take regarding driverless cars. The issues which will be raised include the sales and insurance of the vehicles, the regulation of the vehicles construction standards and the laws governing the vehicles on the road. They are all new concepts of course, but a revision to the highway code will probably be the most complicated to eventually alter.

It is excellent that the UK has taken such a proactive stance on what will eventually be a drastic change to everyone’s lives…