The UK’s worst ‘old banger’? 0

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Takes the phrase ‘driving an old banger’ to new levels…

Traffic police were baffled after witnessing this ‘vehicle’ displaying questionable levels of roadworthiness as it made its way through the streets of Crewe, Cheshire.

After pulling the travelling wreck over, closer inspection revealed the car had no windows, mirrors or insurance.

Once a red Rover, the car (now a hotchpotch of blues and yellows) looked like it had just completed several circuits of all the UK’s banger racing circuits, with significant damage to…pretty much everywhere really.

Pictures were posted on the Cheshire Police Taskforce Twitter account and the driver, who has not been identified, was reported “for having no insurance and using a vehicle in a dangerous condition”, police confirmed.

The car was seized and impounded. The force wrote on Twitter: “Stopped in @PoliceCrewe. We kid you not.”

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