TIME FOR SOME SUN: Summer getaway? What Brits fear the most when on the move abroad 0

Summer-getaway-What-Brits-fear-the-most-when-on-the-move-abroadThis summer, millions of Brits will flock abroad for their holidays and some well deserved rest and relaxation. Once on foreign soil, you’d expect recharging batteries would be the order of the day, but it seems most of us are becoming increasingly worried about the travelling around – and the dangers potentially involved – once we get there.

Being victims of a carjacking or a hit and run are common worries for British holidaymakers whilst driving abroad, with a third concerned about unfamiliarity with the country’s Highway Code.

A new study by Servicing Stop asked people gearing up for a getaway what their preferred mode of transport will be while they are away, and what their biggest concerns tend to be when travelling abroad.

Just under a third will car share or hire a vehicle overseas and another 30% will rely on public transport. Just over a quarter said they would travel by foot, while 9% have organised coach travel. A further 9% say they plan to cycle.

Despite most people opting to rent a set of wheels once they get there, it seems car-hire comes hand in hand with the fear of a possible carjacking or being the victim of a hit and run.

A third of people are concerned about not knowing their holiday destination’s highway code; a fifth are terrified of getting lost; 17% are scared of breaking down and another 16% worry about driving without insurance.

The most surprising perhaps is the 14% of people who are terrified of running into crime on the road including being a victim of a hit and run or carjacking.

CEO and founder of Servicing Stop, Oly Richmond, said: “With summer around the corner everyone is looking forward to soaking up some sun and culture abroad. It’s a shame though, to see so many people also fearing the worst when they travel abroad. Many of these major concerns are understandable, as Brits face unfamiliar regulations, highway codes and language barriers.

“The best advice I can offer motorists heading overseas and planning to hire a car is make sure your insurance is up to date and do a little research about the country’s traffic system. In France for instance, the rule is to give way to vehicles coming from the right. It’s also important to make sure you’ve got some Euros on you as most French motorways operate a toll system. In Germany, on-the-spot fines can be handed out for most driving offences, even including running out of fuel. In Spain, you can be fined for not indicating before overtaking – it’s also compulsory to carry a spare pair of specs if you require glasses behind the wheel!

“When heading to Europe or beyond, it’s always handy to do a little research so you’re up to date with your destination’s driving regulations, leaving you free to travel around some warmer (or colder) climes to your heart’s content!”

This guest blog was written by Servicing Stop PR Executive Jacqueline Gordon

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