Toyota in major recall in North America 0

Toyota is set to recall 681,500 in North America. These recalled cars include the Toyota Camry, the Toyota Venza and the Toyota Tacoma. There have been two defects reported.

The Toyota Camry and the Toyota Venza

There will be 70,500 Toyota Camry’s recalled, which were the 2009 models. The 2009 – 2011 Toyota Venza will see 116,000 units called back. These two vehicles have the problem of their brake lights potentially becoming non-functional.

An official Toyota statement read “During installation of the contact-type stop lamp switch on one of the North American assembly lines, silicon grease may have reached the inside of the switch and caused an increase in electrical resistance. If this occurs, warning lamps on the instrument panel may be illuminated, the vehicle may not start, or the shift lever may not shift from the Park position. In some cases, the vehicle stop lamps may become inoperative.”

The Toyota Tacoma

There will be 495,000 Toyota Tacoma units recalled due to a problem with the driver’s airbag. This may not be deployed due to errors within the steering wheel spiral cable assembly.

An official Toyota statement read “Due to the combination of steering wheel spiral cable design and characteristics unique to the Tacoma chassis, friction between the spiral cable and the retainer in the steering wheel spiral cable assembly may occur in some vehicles. Friction over time may result in loss of connectivity to the driver’s airbag module. If connectivity is lost, the airbag warning lamp on the instrument panel will remain illuminated after starting the vehicle and the driver’s airbag may be deactivated, preventing deployment in the event of a crash.”

No date set

There has been no date set for the recall as of yet. Toyota is still in the process of gathering the correct parts needed for the recall. Sources say that the recall will occur at the beginning of April.

Early stages

The breaking news is at such early stages that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (otherwise known as the NHTSA) have not yet published any news on their website. The NHTSA are responsible for all recalls within the company. There have been no reported injuries or accidents as a result of the problems mentioned above.

As you may know this is not the first high profile recall in North America for Toyota vehicles. They are attempting to rebuild their reputation after a disappointing 2011 and previous recalls. Today’s news will do anyone involved with Toyota any favours.