Toyota to continue producing cars in Australia 1

Toyota will develop and produce vehicles until 2016 and further in Australia a company statement has confirmed.

Whereas some thought that the Japanese giants could tone down operations in the country, the official news is quite the contrary. Toyota will launch new models the Camry, the Aurion and hybrid mid-sized cars.  The Camry hybrid model will contain a 2.5 litre engine which will contain a great deal of advanced technology.

Planning for the next generation

Matthew Callachor, the Sales and Marketing Director of Toyota Motor Corporation has made a very important statement and said that the company are looking into the long term.  His exact words were “All these investments have provided Toyota Australia with the opportunity to improve its competitiveness and efficiency beyond the current model cycle. Planning for the next generation of cars is well under way and, as is normal for any Toyota Motor Corporation affiliate, we will develop the business case to secure the next model. Our firm intention is to build cars beyond 2016. In the long term, we intend for our local suppliers to provide more components”.

A poor 2011

Toyota’s dedication is great for the automotive industry in Australia. Many were not aware of their intentions after a disastrous 2011, where they lost their position as the world’s leading car manufacturer. General Motors won that battle with Toyota finished in a low fourth position. This was mainly down to the unfortunate natural disasters within Japan.

The best for hybrid vehciles

The news that hybrid models are being built in Australia shows the direction which Toyota are heading towards. There is not probably a better auto maker to invest in that specific type of vehicle. They are market leaders across many automotive markets when it comes to hybrid vehicles.

$300 million investment

Toyota’s plant in Altona will receive $300 million in investment, which clearly shows the Japanese car manufacturers intentions within the country. Most of that $300 million figure will derive from Federal and Victorian government.

The Australian automotive market is indeed a very import one if Toyota are to revive their fortunes. Potentially they are a very lucrative market indeed. The hybrid market is one that will see great demand not only in Australia, but across the worldwide market very soon. Their dominance in Australia should extend beyond 2016 with record production figures.