Tractors Up To No Good 0

Tractors Up To No GoodEvery driver can understand just how annoying it can be when a tractor takes up a whole lane on a single carriage, and just won’t budge. Although some overtake, it can be extremely dangerous, illegal and it is not advisable at all. Tractors in this circumstance are supposed to pull over to let a build up of traffic past, but that is a very very rare occurrence. You may be asking why we are talking about a tractor in this article, but of you stay with us, then you will find out. Anyways, a tractor is still an automotive machine, so why can’t we talk about them?

So with these annoyances occurring every now and then, we start to question if it is being done on purpose. But now, one tractor driver has learnt his lesson. One man in his tractor drove down the A39 near Glastonbury, Somerset at 25mph. Does that seem too bad? Well it is considering that this action caused a 50 car long queue behind him. This speed and this queue were maintained for just over three miles. It may have been even longer except that the police managed to pull the man in his tractor over.

Surely this man has learned his lesson through the punishment enacted. The tractor driver was fined £190 for driving without reasonable consideration. The police also spotted that one of the tyres had been so badly worn that the internal cord and ply were exposed. This, as most motorists know, is extremely reckless. For this offence, he was fined another £190. Then ‘Tractor Man’ was fined £85 for court fees and a £20 victim surcharge fee too. It certainly turned out to be an expensive three miles.

In his defence, the man stated that he couldn’t see the traffic because a lorry was blocking his view. He also stated that there was nowhere to pull over; a police statement argued that there were three separate locations along the stretch which was possible to stop and let the traffic pass. Do we believe him?

We certainly hope he learned his lesson…

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