Up, Up and Away 0

Up, Up and AwayThe automotive industry has many new technological pathways which companies are exploring and making headway in. Some of these include the electric vehicle, the autonomous vehicle and multiple different futuristic concept designs. But, one group of Japanese engineers are taking this all further by attempting to develop a flying car. A flying car really would usher in the future of the autonomous industry.

The idea of the flying car isn’t an old one, it has always been dreamed of, and maybe now it will become a possibility. But there may be one slight problem with this; the team have given themselves the target of creating it by the Tokyo Olympics, which will be held in 2020. The team therefore have four years.

Called the Skydrive, the vehicle will have three wheels, a motor and four rotors. By including rotors, the vehicle according to the engineers, will be able to take of vertically, hence a runway will not be needed. The company will be creating the world’s smallest flying car. Its dimension will be 9.5ft by 4.3ft; it will supposedly reach speeds of up to 62mph and fly 32ft off the ground. It will be interesting to see if they can do it.

Mr Nakamura as the lead engineer has previously developed racing cars and has studied engineering extensively. Nakamura who began the project in 2014, stated that the companies ‘vision is to initiate a new era (whereby) everyone can fly freely. We are developing the world’s smallest flying car with vertical taking off and landing (VTOL) system and it can fly anywhere and anytime. It enables us to go places where we cannot go now or to live on water, by releasing transportation on roads.’

According to the company, the primary reason behind the company wanting to create the flying car is to help when the ever occurring earthquakes hit Japan. If they can pull it off, it will certainly be an achievement.