Volvo Are Setting Their Sights High, Very Very High 0

Volvo Are Setting Their Sights High, Very Very HighVolvo will be setting their sights high in regards to the amount of electric cars they plan to sell by 2025. They have recently outlined a difficult but not unachievable target of selling one million completely electric or plug-in hybrids by the set date.

The Swedish car company have already started on their road to reaching their goals by offering two hybrid versions of every model they will be producing from now on. They also plan to release a fully electric car by 2019. But, it doesn’t stop there, as Volvo have either released or will release a T8 twin-engine plug-in version of the XC90, the V60 PHEV and, T8 versions of the S90 and V90’s. So, it seems as if Volvo’s most recent moves are proving that they are very serious about accomplishing the huge target that they have set themselves.

Many people are extremely sceptical about the one million electric target set by Volvo but, they have just beaten a personal record by selling around 500,000 cars in 2015. Plus, with the recent Driver Power satisfaction survey, with the two top spots did go to electric cars, they are rising rapidly in popularity. Volvo can do it if they play their cards right, which they seem to be doing. Also, by releasing an electric car in 2019, it will allow the company time to engineer it faultlessly by learning from other company’s mistakes.

A transparent and forward thinking company seems to be the route Volvo are rapidly going down. Alongside the release of this eco-friendly business plan, they will also try to eliminate deaths and serious injuries from their vehicles and have women in 35% of the company’s leading roles by 2020. All these targets are extremely achievable and, we hope that they are accomplished before the target dates.

Viva la Volvo…