Volvo is Planning the Biggest Ever Autonomous Driving Test in the UK 0

Volvo is Planning the Biggest Ever Autonomous Driving Test in the UKThe Swedish automotive outfit Volvo is planning to undertake the biggest automotive driving test that the UK has ever seen. The project, known as ‘Drive Me London’, looks to unleash a few autonomous cars in London in 2017 and then, in 2018, look to give a free rein to 100 vehicles on London’s roads.

The plan involves the cars to be driven by humans and then, the autonomous driving mode will take over. This will allow data to be collected on the vehicles performance. But the specific information is Volvo’s desire to record the differences between a real time driver and the car in autonomous driving mode. This data will then help in the advancement of Volvo’s autonomous car projects.

There is a reason for why Volvo is intensely interested in the autonomous car. Very recently, Volvo stated that they wish to eradicate deaths and serious accidents from their vehicles by 2020. The best way to achieve this (other than increasing the safety features; which they are doing) is by eradicating human error from driving. The only way to accomplish that is through the creation of autonomous vehicles. Safety is the priority, and autonomous driving is the future of safety. Research undertaken by the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) suggests that by 2035 ‘a result of autonomous and connected cars, crashes will be reduced by 80 per cent.’

Safety is a priority for Volvo and all the major car companies but other benefits from autonomous driving can also be seen with the easing of traffic flow and the help in the fight against emissions. Therefore, the test which is soon to be undertaken by Volvo will hopefully benefit the motoring world and, the world in general too. All that we hope for is that the drivers of the autonomous cars, when the tests are undertaken, are not seriously injured. We are sure that they won’t when you consider Volvo’s excellent safety record.

We wish all the best of luck to Volvo in the undertaking of this huge project, we are sure that they will excel…