Volvo’s Concept Cars Will Drive Company Forward 0

Volvo have released the concept vehicles which will make up the new range of cars which they believe will change the company for the best. There will be a new direction and these vehicles will not only demonstrate this, but will also fall in line with the company’s new philosophy.

Named the 40 series, these vehicles will be mid-size electric based cars that will transform Volvo. There are two vehicles that make up the 40 series; these are the 40.1 and the 40.2. The two vehicles will follow on from vehicles that Volvo already produces. This gives us an idea of what to expect from the concepts and what to expect from the Swedish automotive company.


The 40.1 takes its roots from the XC40. From what we can gather, the 40.1 will be a front wheel drive available in plug-in hybrid form. We can also tell that it will take on the form of a crossover SUV with the company wanting to get the best fuel economy figures on the market from it.

The 40.2 concept on the other hand will follow on from the V40 model. It will be a fully electric hatchback which takes many of its design cues from the saloon style. The company have said that the minimum mileage that their all electric cars will produce is 217. This is an impressive figure, but expect the mileage to increase as the technology gets better before its future release.

Both of the new models will be built on Volvo’s new Compact Modular Architecture, which has been specially created for smaller cars. The overall plan for these vehicles is to propel and revolutionise Volvo into a luxury vehicle company which could rival BMW, Audi and Mercedes.

We have seen what the concepts look like and urban chic is what instantly comes to mind. We hope that the Swedish company manage to accomplish this mammoth task.