Car Insurance

British insurers ask for driverless car data 0

Driverless car technology is becoming closer and closer to becoming an everyday reality; the changes necessary in the rules of the road however, still appear some way off. The insurance industry has issued a demand for more data from carmakers, regarding accidents involving driverless vehicles, with specific attention to whom or what was culpable. Insurers(…)

The worst places in the UK to own a car 0

Insurers Rias have recently completed a survey revealing the worst places in the UK to be a car owner. Finishing top of the list of shame is London, by some margin. Discounting the nightmares of parking, congestion and ludicrously expensive parking permits, the survey highlighted it as a focal point for car crime. And things(…)

Muscle Cars Just Aren’t That Muscular 0

The muscle car is America. When you think of it you should think America, or if you don’t, then we certainly do anyway. So with all that power in the muscle car frame, how well do the cars perform in crash safety tests? They have never been tested up until recently and the results are(…)

UK named whiplash capital of the world 0

Got a crick in your neck? You’re probably not alone. Whiplash claims in the UK are the highest in the world. A new study has found that over 80 percent of claims made in the UK seek compensation for whiplash related injuries, far higher than the European average. The study, by insurance company LV=, found(…)

Black box drivers being made to do online courses 0

Some drivers who use a Black Box for insurance purposes may be asked to pass online tutorials. Those who are deemed ‘at risk’ will be sent tutorials by insurers asking them to complete it in order to keep premiums as low as possible. Driver Risk Dynamics The tutorials have been developed by Driver Risk Dynamics.(…)

The 5 Types of Windshield Damage 0

Many drivers might not be aware of this, but the glass that makes up your car’s windshield is different from the kind that is used in the windows on your house. Windshield glass is actually comprised of laminated safety glass, which means that it consists of two layers of glass separated and held together by(…)

5 Reasons You Should Take Your Car To A Certified Collision Repair Shop 0

Nobody enjoys getting into an accident, even if the end result is just a door ding or some minor body work. But whether you’re fixing a fender-bender or have major collision repairs to do, you should make sure you’re getting the work done at a certified auto body shop. Why? 1. You Get Higher Quality(…)

The Crash-for Cash-dilemma 0

We’ve all heard of the cash-for-crash insurance fraud epidemic sweeping the nation. Innocent drivers everywhere are falling victim to these fraudsters! Is there anything you can do to protect yourself? The problem It will not come as a surprise to you that there is a nationwide clampdown on crash-for-cash scammers. In one of most high(…)

Use your phone at the wheel means no insurance cover 0

It has sensationally been revealed that insurance companies are refusing to provide cover for motorists that are convicted of using their phone behind the wheel. First time offenders no different That’s the case even for those who have been only been caught once. Using your phone whilst driving will give you an unwanted 3 points(…)

Insurance referrals ban to help lower the cost of car insurance 0

The process of giving out details of motorists to third party accident claims companies are now banned. The Government have stated that this significant move will eventually bring down the cost of motor insurance, as these types of referral fees are one the reasons for price increases. Motor insurance has seen a huge increase recently,(…)