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The Toyota Prius pricing plan announced for America 0

We have an interesting report to share with the news of Toyota announcing their prices for the new Prius. Still No.1 but not as powerful as it used to be Many are paying great attention to the news as the Toyota Prius is no longer the dominant force it once was. The car now has(…)

Geely announce their arrival in the UK 0

Geely, the Chinese car producer has announced that they will enter the UK automotive industry. They are said to enter the Chinese market with a four door saloon which will cost approximately £10,000 named the Geely Emgrand EC7. Engines and rivals The car is said to have two variants with 1.5 litre engine and a(…)

The most expensive car crash ever 0

Some the world’s most wanted and prestigious cars have all crashed in Japan. The unfortunate accident has made headline news throughout the world in what is dubbed as the most expensive car crash ever. There were eight Ferrari’s, three Mercedes-Benz’s, a Lamborghini along with two other vehicles. All drivers were aged between 37 and 60.(…)

General Motors, Chrysler and Nissan celebrate 0

November was the best performing month for General Motors, Chrysler and Nissan so far in 2011 in the United States. All three major car manufactures delivered more cars than for the whole of 2011. Nissan delivered 85,182 gaining a 19% increase. General Motors saw a 6.9% increase to 180,402 cars and light truck deliveries. Chrysler’s(…)

China says hello to Qoros 0

Chery Automobile Co, the Chinese car manufacturer have joined forces with Israel Corp to launch Qoros, a new car brand in China. Qoros is being launched as both manufacturers seek to reach new markets in China and across the world. What does the word Qoros actually mean? A company explained with statement that read that(…)

Toyota opens new plant in America 0

Toyota has opened a new factory in Mississippi, America on Thursday the 17th of November. The assembly plant will have a yearly capacity of 150,000 cars. Altogether, Toyota now has 14 manufacturing facilities in the USA. Localisation Toyota USA are clearly making great progress in terms of gaining a strong foothold in the world’s second(…)

Misfortunes force Toyota towards the American dream 1

Reports from America have quite positive regarding Toyota, the world’s largest automotive manufacturer. Yen getting stronger Shifting production and moving operations to America isn’t an easy process to carry out. It could be forced upon the company as Japan’s currency value has recently become a lot stronger. Recently the Yen has gained 9% + over(…)

The fuel tax debate 0

Vince Cable has dampened hope of motorists across the country by telling them not to expect a cut in fuel tax. MP’s have demanded that the planned fuel duty increase next January is cancelled. The motion has since been passed without a vote, as MP’s were determined to see the already high fuel duty tax(…)

SEAT looking for a greener future 2

Spanish car manufactures SEAT have released plans for a set of electric and hybrid cars in the future. The experimental wholly electric cars currently being developed by the company are the Altea XL and the Leon TwinDrive Ecomotive plug-in hybrid. SEAT Leon TwinDrive Ecomotive The Leon model in question is expected to be released as(…)

Jaguar set to create 1000 jobs 0

Jaguar has released some very welcoming news, with the announcement of 1,000 new jobs being created. The jobs will be in Soilhill, West Midlands, where a Jaguar factory already stands. Production operators along with skilled trade workers will take up positions at the factory. Jaguar have said that over a five year period, with a(…)