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The new SEAT IBL concept 0

SEAT has been gearing up for the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 by playing their cards close to their chest.  They haven’t yet officially revealed images of their concept car but it has been leaked online. The new SEAT concept, named the IBL, has described by the company themselves as “new and exciting”. From the images(…)

Your third chance to strike it lucky 0

Congratulations Chris Prior! Servicing Stop congratulates Chris Prior on winning a free car service in September’s draw. From 481 followers, Chris’ name was picked from our raffle. He is now entitled to a car service with absolutely no charge,  all because he became a fan of Servicing Stop on Facebook. The next winner could be(…)

Saab in trouble again 0

Saab has made headlines for the wrong reasons, yet again. They are now in risk of closure after another turn of bad luck for the Swedish car maker. It has been reported that they are attempting to gain protection from its creditors, in order to avoid bankruptcy. Workers have at one stage not been paid(…)

Car sales are on the up 0

For the first time in over a year, car sales have risen. What does this mean for the UK car industry? How much should we read into it? August saw 59,346 cars sold, which is considerable increase from exactly a year ago from that point.  Overall, sales of monthly car registrations have increased. The figure(…)

The unique Citroen Tubik 0

Citroen are releasing a new concept van, which will be shown at this year’s Frankfurt motor show. It looks different from any other car or vehicle made for that matter. Design The Tubik stands at 480cm long, 208cm wide and 205cm in height. The van from the outside looks very futuristic. With an aluminium look(…)

Value of used cars down this year 0

Autotrader have confirmed that the average price of a used car have been reduced for the second quarter of this year. Figures were taken from advertisements of second hand cars across The company are the biggest online car dealership, with them claiming to account for 80% of all cars sold in the UK. Prices(…)

Benefits of owning a car 0

Many dismiss the idea of owning a car, citing drawbacks such as the price of petrol, maintenance insurance, tax etc. Owning a car can make your life a lot easier and at times save you money as well as hassle.  We’ll explore how more doors are opened in people’s lives if they own a car.(…)

125 Years of Mercedes-Benz 1

It’s scary to think that 125 years ago Mercedes-Benz were the first to apply for a patent for the world’s first automobile. We take a look at the successful German car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz for their 125th anniversary. When people think of Mercedes-Benz, they may think of their triple pointed star logo and their fantastic luxury(…)

How long left for Saab? 0

There has been an interesting turn of events recently for Saab, in many different ways. We thought we’d update you from our previous article titled “Is this an end to Saab’s troubles?” That article discussed a potential light at the end of the tunnel for Saab with new investment, but this article will explain how(…)