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The Volvo S90 0

Whatever people’s preconceptions of Volvo may be, they certainly have changed for the better over the past few years. The Swedish company are attempting to move into the luxury company and they are/have done so at an alarming rate. The crossover SUV XC90 is a massive hit and we now expect the S90 sedan to(…)

Subaru Sales 0

We thought that we would dedicate an article to Subaru for once. We hardly ever mention the Japanese company, who actually are the 22nd largest automotive company in the world. So what have Subaru been up to? Well the answer is very little to be honest. Well they have been doing something, and by the(…)

Maserati Recalls 21,000 Vehicles In China 0

Maserati, the luxury sports car brand are one of the hottest and fastest growing car companies in the world right now. Their cars are finely tuned sports machines which can easily hit speeds over 150mph and accomplish the 0-60mph hour test in well under 5 seconds. So, what would happen if the accelerator pedals of(…)

Has Honda Just Topped Henry Ford? 0

Henry Ford was the man who arguably perfected the modern production line. Of course this was done with Henry Ford’s original cars and now, Ford the company as his legacy, and is one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world. So, after the production line was created has anything changed? No, no it hasn’t.(…)

Cars Will Keep On and Keep On Selling Because of Generation Z 0

According to a new report undertaken in the U.S., Generation Z is more interested in cars than ever. This is therefore excellent news for the automotive industry as the market may look to take advantage of this new data. Undertaken by AutoTrader USA and Kelley Blue Book (an American automotive research company) the study was(…)

What are Boris Johnson and TFL going to do with their Road Budget for 2016/2017? 0

‘Tis the season for budgets after budgets after budgets… And TFL and the London mayor have decided how to spend their money on making London’s roads better for everyone. With a £4billion invested in furthering the safety of London’s roads, how much can be done? From the £4billion, there will be £20million worth of investment(…)

Aston Martin and Red Bull Team up to Develop World’s Fastest Car 0

This news may come to a shock for some but Aston Martin are teaming up with Red Bull Racing in order to create a production car… which will be faster than an F1 car, on track. So at this moment in time, there is a lot of confusion and plenty of debates surrounding what car(…)

Aston Martin Finally Back in Formula One 0

If you are an avid Formula One, Aston Martin or general car fan, then this news is most interesting. Aston Martin is back as a team in F1 for the first time since the two year period being 1959 and 1960 respectably. During both of these periods of time, Aston Martin did not perform at(…)

Government, Shops and Police, Plan to Crack Down on Forecourt Fuel Thieves 0

The government, the police, the retailers and suppliers are on a forecourt… I think many people have had quite enough of thieves stealing.  And now the government, retailers and suppliers of fuel, and the police are now teaming up in order to curb forecourt fuel thefts. In September 2015, according to National Statistics, there were(…)

Big Things Come In Small Packages 0

It is true that big things do come to those who wait and, this was certainly the case in a recent auction involving a Peel P50. The Peel P50 is an iconic British car of the 1960s. Being officially recognised as the world’s smallest car, the P50, with its one door, one windscreen wiper, one(…)