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Subaru With Huge Recall Numbers 0

Subaru are to recall 17,000 vehicles over breaks and engine failures with a whole lot more in Japan. Recalls seem to be getting more and more popular as this year goes on. You would however expect there to be less and less trouble with vehicles as technology improves but sadly, this does not seem to(…)

World Car of the Year Finalists Announced 0

It is getting closer and closer to that time again. April may mean many things for some people but over here at Servicing Stop, it only means one thing, the World Car of the Year award. The World Car of the Year competition has been a persistently present competition since 2005. Taking two years to(…)

Car Cloning, the Criminal Underworld and the Used Car Market 0

Car cloning has been a huge problem in the U.K. for many years and now, it is on the rise again! But, what is car cloning and how is it affecting you the driver looking to buy? What is Car Cloning? Car cloning is the act of stealing the identity of a car. This may(…)

Come Over Here Tesla… Tesla Summon and Autopilot Features are Now Available in the U.K. 0

Tesla’s summon feature is now available to some models in the U.K. and is set to find its way through the globe eventually. The U.K. has just recently passed legislation allowing for the updates to the Tesla Models X and S but, only if used on private land. If you have not heard about the(…)

Bentley Wants to Bend the Traffic and the Future to Suit Their Luxury Ambitions… 0

Bentley, the luxury British car manufacturer already have their sights set on how they plan to deal with the autonomous car industry when the time comes. With chief of design, Stefan Sielaff, Bentley is preparing to take on the future of luxury automobiles as their concept car, demonstrated at a small event in London suggests.(…)

Forget Everything You Know about Fuel Efficient Cars, There is a New Winner 0

Servicing Stop has previously released statistics alerting you to the fact that the Peugeot 208 is the most fuel efficient car but, we may be mistaken… well slightly anyway, maybe. Just recently a new record was broken as one man managed to drive from Switzerland to the North Sea in Northern Germany and back again(…)

Car sales rev up in February 0

Maybe with it being a leap year that one extra day of sales really helped. New car registrations in the UK hit a 12 year peak this February, with the latest figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) revealing overall sales were the highest number for any February since 2004. The figures(…)

Vodafone and AT&T join with Vauxhall to support OnStar service 0

Though it might seem like a mixed message, just because a mobile phone company and a car company are in cahoots does not mean you can now text whilst driving. Mobile data providers AT&T and Vodafone announced they will be the network that will support the OnStar 4G LTE service available in Vauxhall vehicles in(…)

Taxpayers facing £600 billion bill for eco friendlier roads 0

No one ever said saving the world wouldn’t come at a price. In a leaked report, according to sources at website Auto Express, it is claimed that the European car industry expects taxpayers to foot a £600 billion road improvement bill in an effort to lower CO2 emissions. The proposal comes as part of a(…)

New electric vehicle charging network completed in the UK 0

Electric vehicle owners in the UK are feeling the positive flow after the country widens the range of electric vehicle charging points. A new 683 mile electric vehicle charging network has been completed in the UK, bringing rapid charging stations within an easier reach for many drivers. Installed by Rapid Charge Network, the new network(…)