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£150,000 McLaren destroyed in ‘street racing’ LA crash 0

A reckless display of ‘street racing’ saw an £150,000 McLaren utterly destroyed after it collided with an Audi, leaving both drivers critically ill in hospital. Dramatic pictures show the neon green supercar completely wrecked, after the accident which took place near a school last Tuesday. The McLaren’s driver, who was racing the speedster at 60(…)

Honda to continue building cars in the UK for the time being 0

In a statement, Honda said that it had “no plans for now” to withdraw from the UK market after the government said it was pursuing a deal to shield the car manufacturing industry following the country’s exit from the EU. Japan’s third largest car manufacturer made the statement following comments by Greg Clark, the UK(…)

Toyota to stay in UK despite Brexit 0

In welcome news post Brexit; the world’s largest car manufacturer, Toyota, has said it intends to remain in the UK, even if trading conditions should change following Britain’s exit from the EU. The executive vice-president of the Japanese giant, Didier Leroy, said it trusted the UK government to provide “fair treatment” allowing businesses to maintain(…)

Toyota recalls 5.8 million cars due to faulty airbag 0

Potentially faulty airbags have seen the world’s biggest car maker Toyota, recall upwards of 5.8 million cars. Models affected include the Corolla and the Yaris subcompact model, the majority being sold in Japan, China and Europe. The production dates of the cars in question were from May 2000 to November 2001, and April 2006 and(…)

Alonso could quite even if offered Mercedes seat 0

Spanish former World Driver’s Champion Fernando Alonso has announced he may quit F1 if next year’s cars do not excite him. The McLaren driver has repeatedly warned that his future in the sport is dependent on the 2017 regulations, and that he is frustrated by the current tyre and fuel-saving formula. “I have a contract(…)

The Grand Tour set to air in November 0

So, after all the controversy, hype and intrigue, the new vehicle of the former Top Gear trio is set to air on November 18th. The Grand Tour featuring Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond will become available on Amazon Prime from that date with subsequent episodes aired each week over a twelve week period.(…)

Tesla updates software after car hack 0

Tesla has been forced to update some of its software following a successful hack of the operating system of its electric cars carried out by researchers from China. From a distance of 12 miles (19km), the team from Keen Security Lab managed to manipulate the brake system on a Tesla while it was travelling. They(…)

Buying a second hand car this autumn – our tips for getting it right 0

Autumn is an especially busy time for the second-hand car market. Buying a used car can be a minefield at the best of times, so it’s important to know what to look for, and what to prevent against when looking for a good quality second-hand motor. Be warned! There are some dodgy sellers out there.(…)

21st Century Fox to invest $6.5m in former Top Gear team’s motoring site 0

The American film and multi-media giant 21st Century Fox has invested $6.5 million in an online car enthusiast’s community founded by the former Top Gear trio. Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond, who all presented the show – along with producer Andy WIlman – left the BBC’s flagship motoring show last year and now(…)

August sees UK car sales continue to grow 0

The UK car industry continued to thrive throughout August, despite warning about the implications of Brexit. Figures showed car sales were in fact up, ahead of projected figures that had predicted a slump. Throughout the month of August, over 81,600 new cars were registered, up 3.3% compared to the corresponding month last year. This brings(…)