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Drink Drivers walk away without a ban 0

Over 1,500 convicted drink drivers walked away unpunished last year without a ban, according to official figures. Those offenders convicted of drink driving still have their license as a postcode lottery is used upon deciding who to prosecute according to some sources. Suffolk and the City of London are the most relaxed areas as 4.7%(…)

Citroen DS set for major improvements 0

The Citroen DS division is set to expand. One more model than originally planned will be added, with Citroen hoping to heavily increase sales figures with the DS sector. New DS sports car on it’s way? Rather than producing just the anticipated DS3, DS4 and the DS5 a sports car has been sounded out to(…)

Toyota to develop hybrid parts in China 0

Toyota hybrid cars destined for China will now have their parts manufactured the country. For the first time ever, development of such parts is being transferred overseas in order to increase sales. Great potential in China The world’s biggest car maker is taking advantage of the demand for hybrid cars in China. It is potentially(…)

Kia GT 0

The Kia GT will be produced in 2013 it has been confirmed. Also planned is the Kia c’eed GTI, a sportier version of the Kia c’eed. From the images being released so far, the Kia GT looks simply stunning. Earlier last month the car was shown off as a concept car at the world famous(…)

Petrol Sales take a hit 0

Today we report on an unsurprising piece of news that petrol sales have slumped. With prices reaching a record high in recent years along with insurance premiums, many drivers have simply been priced of the road. Averages prices for petrol have soared this year. Motorists now have to pay an average of 133.1p per litre(…)

The new Fiat Panda 0

The new Fiat Panda was been unveiled at last month’s Frankfurt Motor Show. The iconic small car has hit many stumbling blocks along the way prior to it’s final stages of development but is on it’s way to the UK. Engine variants There will be three engine choices available with the car. These include just(…)

The SEAT Mii 0

SEAT have confirmed that the new Mii will be released next Spring. Volkswagen will now have another rival to their new city car, the UP! Costing just £8,000 (not officially confirmed as of yet) the SEAT Mii will be aimed at commuters who require small city cars. It will be a bit more expensive than(…)

Riots and its effects on cars 0

The unparalleled riots throughout the country have caused shock throughout the world. People’s livelihoods, homes and some lives have been lost. We take a look into how cars were affected. Car insurance Car’s were burnt and damaged beyond repair in the riots. Many insurance companies have small prints saying that in acts of “riots, war,(…)

A second opportunity for winning a free car service 0

We would like to congratulate Anthonina Komiatis on winning a free car service for August’s raffle. Anthonia was the lucky winner from 290 followers. All she did was become a fan of Servicing Stop on Facebook. There are still 4 more car services to be given away Now it’s your turn to win. Don’t miss(…)

Who wants a free car service? 2

Servicing Stop present you with the offer you’ve been waiting for!  Don’t miss your chance! We are offering you the chance to get your car serviced, absolutely free of charge. You really won’t get a better offer anywhere else! What’s the catch? There is no catch whatsoever. All you have to do is become a(…)