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A Glance at the 2017 Subaru Impreza 0

The Japanese automotive manufacturer Subaru is the 22 largest car manufacturer in the world. But, for some reason they are extremely popular within a select following. The company therefore want to progress and make their brand even more popular than it already is whilst also opening up to a larger market. Subaru will attempt to(…)

The Chevrolet Joke? 0

Chevrolet has been a world recognised automotive brand for decades now. They now produce sports cars which are very popular in the United States. Although there are only a few models now sold in Europe, the automotive company sits thirteenth in Brand Finance’s list of the most valuable automotive brands in the world. Owned by(…)

Volvo’s Concept Cars Will Drive Company Forward 0

Volvo have released the concept vehicles which will make up the new range of cars which they believe will change the company for the best. There will be a new direction and these vehicles will not only demonstrate this, but will also fall in line with the company’s new philosophy. Named the 40 series, these(…)

Rolls Royce Zenith 0

The Rolls Royce Phantom is a vehicle which has underpinned luxury since its first conception. Now its seventh generation is going to be discontinued to make way for the 2018 eighth generation. To celebrate the four year stint which the seventh generation lasted for, there will be 50 special ‘Zenith’ editions unveiled. What a nice(…)

Is the Mazda CX-3 the Perfect Millennial’s Car? 0

The SUV is the biggest selling motor vehicle on the market right now. In India and China as some of the biggest automotive markets for example, they are by some way, the dominating vehicle. After a recent survey undertaken by Ford, there has been some inclination to where the vehicles are going. With three distinct(…)

The UK Government and Driverless Cars 0

The automotive world has moved towards the creation of autonomous cars at an alarming rate. We now see the likes of cruise control, assistive braking and autonomous parking, so we expect to see cars being fully autonomous within this decade. But with this, there are obvious concerns and laws which need to be met. So(…)

PSA Trying To Get Ahead 0

We don’t know how many times we have stated just how lucrative, yet competitive, the world of the electric/hybrid car is. As big as it is now, it will only get bigger and bigger, as more public interest develops and emissions laws get tighter and tighter. We know that many car companies are either developing,(…)

Land Rover Jaguar’s Autonomous Vehicles 0

With the recent news concerning the British government’s direction on autonomous vehicles, Jaguar Land Rover have just stated their intentions for their future in the driverless vehicle world. With the autonomous industry now including multiple start ups and huge technological and motoring companies, it is worth £900 billion and looks set to increase. Because of(…)

The Jeep Wrangler 0

The company Jeep have been at the forefront of the American jeep for nearly 75 years now. They have been pioneers in this field and their loyal customers expect the company to stick to a particular format. This format is its originality, for example customers want their Wranglers to look like Wranglers, and their Cherokee’s(…)

Tractors Up To No Good 0

Every driver can understand just how annoying it can be when a tractor takes up a whole lane on a single carriage, and just won’t budge. Although some overtake, it can be extremely dangerous, illegal and it is not advisable at all. Tractors in this circumstance are supposed to pull over to let a build(…)