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World’s first armless racing driver 0

This inspirational Polish racer is determined to become the drifting King of Europe – despite having lost both his arms. Nine years ago, a horrific accident resulted in Bartek Ostalowski, now 29, having to have both his arms amputated. Up to this point, he had given up everything to become a racing driver and the(…)

The woman getting disabled drivers into motorsport 0

Nathalie McGloin made her debut in the Porsche Club Championship at Brands Hatch last year. She finished eighth overall in her class driving her trusty Cayman. A respectable achievement you might think, but what makes that achievement remarkable, is that Nathalie is paralysed from the chest downwards. Despite her disability – the result of a(…)

Five disabled motor racing game changers 0

The dangers associated with motor racing are no secret. Travelling at the speeds involved in racing mean that the most miniscule of circumstances can result in a catastrophic accident with severe consequences, even death. Many factors can contribute to a crash, that can change the lives of those involved forever. Beneath are five such people(…)

Servicing Stop scoop Innovative Business award 0

Servicing Stop has been named as one of the top 50 Innovative Companies in the UK. At the Innovative Business Awards 2016 – which credits companies pushing the envelope with regards to forward, fresh thinking – Servicing Stop was praised for turning a groundbreaking business model into success. The Innovative Business Awards were set up(…)

Older drivers are safe and preventing them from driving could hasten their death says study 0

Researchers have claimed that older drivers are neither doddery nor unsafe on the roads. To prevent them from driving could even speed up their deaths. In a study carried out by Swansea University’s Centre for Innovative Ageing to determine whether elderly drivers caused more road traffic accidents, the response times of senior motorists, whilst performing(…)

The Mazda MX5 Has Reason to Celebrate 0

Mazda certainly has reason to celebrate as it has recently produced and sold its 1,000,000th  MX5 unit. The MX5 already holds many many records which relate to its popularity, but now a solid numerical figure must be extremely pleasing for the Japanese automotive manufacturer. Masamichi Kogai, Mazda’s Director, President and CEO said that, ‘from the(…)

Government approve M4 hard shoulder plan 0

The government has approved preliminary plans to convert the M4’s hard shoulder into a fourth lane of traffic. This means a 32-mile stretch of the motorway will be widened from three lanes to four from Hayes, west London, to Theale, Berkshire. The affected area, from junction three to twelve, will also be subjected to variable(…)

Thousands turn out for McLaren Employee Motor Show 0

Last weekend, the McLaren Technology Centre was host to an exhibition put on by McLaren employees as they showcased their motors to the public. The event was an unmitigated success as thousands turned up to have a gawp at more than 200 of the company’s exclusive vehicles. More than 3,000 attended the event at the(…)

40% of drivers admit to speeding in 20mph zones 0

Most residential and urban areas fall under 20mph speed restrictions. However, that’s not enough to stop four out of ten drivers speeding when passing through such areas. In a recent survey carried out by Brake – the road safety charity – and insurance company Direct Line, 40% of those drivers asked said they sometimes drive(…)

A Glance at the 2017 Subaru Impreza 0

The Japanese automotive manufacturer Subaru is the 22 largest car manufacturer in the world. But, for some reason they are extremely popular within a select following. The company therefore want to progress and make their brand even more popular than it already is whilst also opening up to a larger market. Subaru will attempt to(…)