Oxford set to ban vehicles entirely from city centre 0

Oxford is set to ban polluting vehicles from its city centre in what officials believe would be the world’s first zero-emissions zone. Air pollution has risen above legal limits in some areas of the historic university city and Oxfordshire County Council have taken steps to combat the growing problem. Under the plans, which have now(…)

Ten top tips on fuel efficiency 0

Running a car is expensive; few things take a more significant bite out of your monthly budget than filling up your tank. Other than by converting to an electric vehicle or just deciding to walk everywhere, there’s not too much we can do to avoid forking out for fuel. We might not be able to(…)

Jealous woman drunkenly trashes neighbour’s car by mistake 0

Christine Ann Potten was understandably upset when she found her boyfriend was cheating on her, so after drowning her sorrows with a considerable amount of booze, she decided to exact a bit of revenge on his beloved car. It was only after she had finished wrecking his pride and joy that she realised it was(…)

A look back at the Reliant Kitten (1972 – 1982) 0

Put simply, the Reliant Kitten was the four wheel sister to the Robin and replacement for the Rebel (also a three-wheeler). Arriving two years on the scene after the Robin, the Kitten’s low fuel consumption and high efficiency saw sales figure soar upon its release. Visually, the Kitten closely resembled the Robin – this no(…)

Paris bans cars for the day 0

The start of October saw Paris close its roads to vehicles, giving pedestrians the chance to stroll the stroll the picturesque streets and boulevards, without having to dodge notoriously aggressive Parisian drivers. Buses, emergency vehicles and taxis were still permitted to use the roads of the French capital but pedestrians and cyclists were very much(…)

Car theft on the rise as thieves get clever 0

Car theft has skyrocketed over the past three years as thieves are finding new ways to beat hi-tech security devices, new RAC figures have revealed. This is in response to numbers falling to an all time low four years ago as car companies developed engine immobilisers and keyless technology that initially stumped car thieves. The(…)

Koala takes 10 mile trip hidden behind front wheel 0

A koala survived a ten mile road trip clinging to the axle of a 4×4 after climbing in for a doze. The startled driver stopped after hearing the cries of the traumatized animal and called the emergency services, who removed the wheel to free the terrified marsupial. “I could smell her burnt fur,” Jane Brister,(…)

A look back at the Bentley Mulsanne Turbo and Turbo R (1982 – 1995) 0

The 1982 Mulsanne can legitimately be called the car that marked Bentley’s reemergence from under the shadow of Rolls-Royce. When launched, the first Mulsanne Turbo looked similar in many ways to the standard version, but an Garrett AiResearch turbocharger attached to the 6750cc V8 engine boosted power by a whopping 50%. 300bhp was enough to(…)

Coyote travels 35km stuck in car grille 0

A woman in Canada who thought she’d run over a coyote got a surprise after getting out to check the damage. Blinking up at her was the bemused coyote, who had travelled 35km embedded in the car’s front grille. Georgie Knox, from Airdrie, Alberta, was travelling to work when the animal ran across the road(…)

Air freshener causes car to explode 0

An air freshener has caused a car to explode, injuring one person. Dramatic pictures show the vehicle with its doors, bonnet and windows blown out and buckled. The incident occurred in a B&Q car park in Southend, the car involved was a Ford Focus. The injured person was looked after by staff at the DIY(…)