Schumacher family hoping for medical miracle 0

The family of Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher are said to be praying for a ‘medical miracle’. The seven time World Champion has been unable to walk or talk following a skiing accident in 2013. Despite emerging from a coma six months after the head injury, Schumacher has been confined to a wheelchair. Despite this,(…)

Feast your eyes: The new Bentley Continental GT3 0

Sometimes words just just don’t do justice. This is one of those occasions when you should just sit back and let the truly splendid thing you’re casting your eyes upon do the talking. But this is a motoring blog so I should try I suppose. Okay, so this is the new Bentley Continental GT3 racer,(…)

Cute animal pics to cheer you up as winter looms 0

Okay, we hold our hands up, no way to sugarcoat it. This blog is about cute animals… Yes, I know we’re a car servicing provider. But even we, at Servicing Stop HQ get a bit gooey where cute animals are concerned. And as Autumn starts to bite and things get dark, cold and dingy. We(…)

Minardi: The worst Formula One team ever 0

Minardi. A name synonymous with Formula 1, but not for illustrious reasons. Never contenders, usually if you heard the name Minardi mentioned by Murray Walker et al during the commentary, it would be followed by either ‘retires’ or ‘engine failure’. Founded in 1979, the team first graced the Formula 1 circus in 1985 and found(…)

A look back at the Alfa Romeo SZ and RZ (1989 – 1994) 0

The SZ was first conceived as the ES30 design study in 1987. Later named the Sprint Zagato, it caused quite a sensation when it was released, not least because it was styled by Alfa Romeo and not Zagato as many people would logically expect. In fact, it was the controversial styling that led to the(…)

Bloodhound supersonic car to make first public appearance 0

A British car built to break the land speed record has begun public trials in Cornwall. The Bloodhound SSC is conducting “slow-speed” trials at Newquay Airport in preparation for its record attempt that will take place on a dried out lakebed in South Africa. The jet propelled car will be piloted by RAF Wing Commander(…)

Formula One: The worst teams – Coloni 0

Number #08 – Coloni Continuing our look back upon some of Formula 1’s terrible teams of yesteryear, this week our spotlight falls upon a truly dreadful outfit that soldiered on from 1987 to 1991 despite only qualifying in 14 races out of 82. Coloni debuted at the 1987 Grand Prix, powered by an unreliable and(…)

A look back at the Ferrari Dino 206 and 246 (1969 – 1974) 0

Many things distinguish the Ferrari Dino: its unique styling, the quite beautiful handling, the gorgeous thrum of the V6 revving – take your pick. Amongst the more unique aspects of the Dino however, is the fact it doesn’t wear a Ferrari badge at all. Named after Enzo’s late son, the Dino was marketed as just(…)

Halloween special: The five scariest cars to drive 0

Halloween is almost upon us; groups of small ghosts and goblins walk the streets (hopefully not armed with eggs or anything else unpleasant when you come up short on the confectionary front). Over the years there have been a fair amount of stinkers on our roads too. We thought we’d take a look at this(…)

Formula One: The worst teams 0

Number #10 – Mastercard Lola With Lewis Hamilton tearing up the current F1 season in his all conquering Mercedes, we thought we’d take a moment for a retrospective look back at some of the less successful driver/team combinations, which were for one reason or another – absolutely awful. And they don’t get much worse than(…)