Should the government introduce a diesel scrappage scheme? 0

In the wake of the highly-publicised Volkswagen emissions scandal, MPs say the UK government should introduce a diesel scrappage scheme to help tackle the NOx (NO2) pollution problem. The Environmental Audit Committee has devised the plan, hoping it will be brought up at Wednesday’s Autumn Statement. A scrappage scheme similar to the proposed one has worked(…)

Microsoft and Volvo team up for driverless future 0

Microsoft and Volvo have announced they’re joining forces to reach the goal of autonomous vehicles. With the driverless car being the new go-to technology companies are investing in, these two heavyweights are hoping a joint venture will get them there faster. Not only are they working towards this innovative technology, but Microsoft is already lending(…)

Elon Musk accelerates Tesla’s driverless research via Twitter 0

Want to work for Tesla? Want to be a part of “ramping up the Autopilot software team at Tesla to achieve generalised full autonomy”? Just apply below! That’s right coders, Elon Musk is recruiting via Twitter. On top of the Autopilot features Tesla already provide, Musk is now on the hunt for “hardcore software engineers”(…)

Johnson Matthey set to profit from emissions scandal 0

UK company Johnson Matthey are the world’s largest manufacturer of metal catalysts used in car emission control devices. Thanks to the recent crackdown on European car emissions after the Volkswagen emissions scandal, the company is set to make some big profits. They’re currently undergoing business restructuring and are planning to cut 200 jobs. The company(…)

Winter tyres – worth the switch? 0

Winter is coming. And not the fun Game of Thrones type of winter, but the real-life, seriously cold and potentially dangerous type of winter. So, considering the inevitable, we thought we’d give you some advice in deciding what tyres you should use this winter. Firstly, and most obviously, summer tyres are not recommended. They may(…)

Toyota invests $1 billion in A.I research in Silicon Valley 0

Tesla is the autopilot leader, Google is crushing the autonomous driving and… Toyota’s investing in artificial intelligence?   Toyota announced last week that they’re planning to invest $1 billion in A.I research and development. The brand will be setting up shop in a research lab near Stanford University, in the famous Silicon Valley. The lab(…)

Takata loses more customers in faulty airbag aftermath 0

Looks like more bad news for Takata Corp, the company heading the world’s largest auto safety recall. News came this week that Nissan is dropping Takata as one of its key car part suppliers. Nissan has followed the likes of Toyota and Honda in breaking the relationship with Takata, who supplied over 10 carmakers with(…)

Emissions scandal widens as KBA investigates other major carmakers 0

Worried about winter approaching? Don’t be, Volkswagen is kindly warming our planet for us… and it seems they might have a few helpers. In the aftermath of the Volkswagen emissions scandal, German car regulators Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA) have revealed they’re investigating other carmakers for possible diesel emissions manipulations. Focusing on 23 manufacturers and covering 50 models(…)

The electric car company building a $1bn factory… Who is Faraday Future? 1

There’s a new kid on the electric block and they’re already sparking interest. Faraday Future (FF), the mysterious California-based new car company, is filling media headlines this week. The fairly unknown electric car start-up announced that they are looking for a location in the US to build a $1 billion factory to begin production on their(…)

Could we have the first commercial 3D-printed car by 2017? 0

The printer’s jammed again. Piece of paper? No, just a car tyre. That’s right; the world’s first (future) commercial 3D-printed car has just been unveiled. Arizona-based Local Motors revealed their latest product at the SEMA show in Los Angeles this week. The LM3D Swim is going to be the first 3D-printed car available to the(…)