Autonomous driving – the ethical debate 0

Are you ready to put your life in the hands of your car? Autonomous technologies are coming along pretty quickly, with Google’s fleet of 73 already spanning over two million miles between them. But here’s where the ethical bit comes in. We all know that self-driving cars will be seriously impressive, but drivers and passengers(…)

EU backs down to new emissions testing limits 0

“What do you call a diesel car that produces less than 80mg/km of NOx?” … We don’t know either, but when you find one let us know. After German carmaker Volkswagen admitted to cheating emissions testing in September, it seemed tougher pollution tests were just round the corner. Sadly, it looks like we’ll still be breathing in(…)

Uber is driving America kitten crazy 0

In the spirit of Halloween passing, we want to treat you to a spell of cuteness to cure your Monday blues.   Last Thursday, Taxi-app service Uber launched UberKITTENS to celebrate National Cat Day. Residents of the U.S. and Canada (sorry UK readers) were able to book 15 minutes of “cuddle time” with an adorable kitten.(…)

Apple’s Tim Cook predicts “massive change” in auto industry 0

We already know that Google, General Motors and Tesla are developing autonomous technology, but is Apple joining the driverless-car game too? Autonomous driving seems an inevitable part of our future, with some predicting it’ll be the norm on roads in 15 to 20 years time. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook told the audience during a live(…)

UK car production continues to accelerate 0

Emissions cheater who? September scandal hasn’t slowed down the UK car industry. Sorry 1972, looks like we’ll be beating your record by 2020. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) have announced that UK car production output grew by 15.5% last month compared to September 2014. 151,281 new cars were manufactured this September, making(…)

New MOT website lets you check your car’s history 0

Ever wondered what that little Ford KA you sold a few years ago is still on the road? Or maybe you’ve recently bought a second-hand car and want to know if its had garage troubles? Well, now you can find out. The government has launched a website where you can find out any car’s MOT(…)

The updated XC90: Volvo’s most advanced car 0

Technology is a car’s new best friend, as the XC90 found out during its 2015 upgrade. Since its original launch in 2002, the SUV has become the flagship for Swedish company Volvo. Its predecessor has enjoyed thirteen years of best-selling status, but we’re ready for a new XC90 and it seems the public are too. Just named(…)

Castrol 90 second oil change easy as changing an ink cartridge 0

Motor oil has just been revolutionised. Oil producers Castrol have created a new, clean, and easy way to replace the oil and oil filters in cars. It’s called Nexcel and it looks and changes like an enlarged ink cartridge. The company, a leader of premium lubricating oils and greases, manufacturer, market and distribute their products. Now,(…)

Sales of EVs soar as the £5,000 Government grant is replaced 1

The government’s electric vehicle car grant is set to end later this year and will be replaced in 2016 by a new tiered system based on emissions. The grant, which was introduced in 2011, currently offers low emission car and van buyers £5,000 or £8,000 off respectively. The scheme was set to run until 50,000(…)

Google driverless cars ready for roads in 2019? 0

That’ll be the case if Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google, has his way. He joked with reporters last week of his wish to have their driverless car ready in time for his twelve-year-old son’s 16th birthday. Brin knows that car enthusiasts may have hesitations, or even anger towards this new technology, but he aptly responded(…)