Top 10 Great British Drives 0

Whether you are planning a staycation or a UK holiday to get over the one you just come from there are many fabulous destinations in the UK to drive to. But what are the greatest British drives that you can try out? Although the UK is relatively small, and less capable of providing the same(…)

Famous Classic Car Collectors 0

The world of the rich and famous is all about glamour and glitz, expensive restaurants, exotic vacations, red carpet events and fine automobiles. For some famous people, the car is more than the latest technology and high speed performance. To these people, the car they drive is about image and heritage. This is why some(…)

Best Uses of Roof Racks / Car Brackets 0

With the summer holidays fast approaching, people are already itching to get started on all of the activities which come around with the fine weather. A roof rack or bracket for your car can make sure that you always have the space you need to fit all of your equipment for your outdoor activities during(…)

Car history survey 0

Servicing Stop is carrying out a survey to understand how car owners feel about service history. The survey is easy to follow and contains only three questions. Are you likely to buy a car with no service history? Motorists looking to purchase a second hand car sometimes consider the service history as a major factor(…)

Who wants a free car service? 2

Servicing Stop present you with the offer you’ve been waiting for!  Don’t miss your chance! We are offering you the chance to get your car serviced, absolutely free of charge. You really won’t get a better offer anywhere else! What’s the catch? There is no catch whatsoever. All you have to do is become a(…)

How safe are convertible cars? 0

Convertibles look sportier, faster and more stylish. They are made the most out of during the summer months. When driving with the top down, drivers like the feel of wind blowing through their hair and the glamour that the car can symbolise. For all that fun, you may feel unsafe. Inside a normal car, you(…)

Automotive jobs secured thanks to BMW and Nissan 0

What crisis? The future for the automotive industry in Britain appears to be getting a lot healthier with the new generation of BMW Mini’s and the popular Nissan Qasquai being built in the UK. Both Nissan and BMW are pouring millions into facilities and the development of each car, securing 6000 and 5000 jobs respectively.(…)

New car insurance law comes into force 0

In order to crack down on the huge number of uninsured drivers throughout the UK, a new law has been introduced. The law states that even when a car is not being driven, it must be insured. In order to avoid punishment, the car must be declared as off the road. Previously motorists had to(…)

Why regular services are vital for your safety 2

Car servicing is not only important for keeping your vehicle in good condition. It is also essential for ensuring a safe drive. An inadequately maintained and inspected car can prove dangerous, and significantly increase your chances of being involved in an accident. Most people are aware that car servicing entails an oil and filter change,(…)