New Cars

Nissan Qashquai Review 0

The Nissan Qashquai has helped the Japanese car producers revive their fortunes across the world. It’s known as a practical, stylish and dynamic family car. We take a look at some of our favourite features on the car. Safety We believe that the car’s safety credentials are one of its strongest assets. The Qashaqui comes(…)

The new Lotus City car to be priced at £29,000 1

The new Lotus City car will be on sale for a price of £29,000. The sporty city car is said to go on sale in 2015. The price of the car is said to be £2000 cheaper than the Martin Cygnet. City cars the way forward Futuristic type city cars are being developed by a(…)

Eterniti announces their plans 0

The London based car producer Eterniti have made some announcements regarding their future plans. The newest British entrant into the automotive market has released more details on their plans to develop of a luxurious SUV vehicle. The company believe that there is gap in the market for them to take advantage of. They intend to(…)

A new direction for Toyota 0

Toyota are moving forward with the way they develop their new generation of cars. At the moment, it can safely be said that the company rely on their reputation for reliability and safety in order to appeal to customers. Toyota wants to add more attributes to their current appeal factors. Kurt Sanger, an Analyst for(…)

Citroen C4 Aircross 0

A few weeks back there was news of the new Citroen Aircoss being releasing soon. It looks like quite a good prospect from first impressions. As everyone knows, there is always more than what meets the eye. We take an in depth look into what’s in store. It looks like quite an attractive crossover type(…)

The Skoda Citigo 0

Skoda is planning to release a rival to the Volkswagen UP! in the form of the Citigo. With the Czech company currently expanding, one of their major targets is to place a successful entrant within the city car market, with the hope of raising the company’s profile. The car will come as either a 5(…)

A Nissan Juke GTR? 1

Nissan rumoured to be developing a super powerful GTR version of one of their family cars, the Nissan Juke. Dubbed the “Super Juke” the car will be influenced from one of the company’s most powerful and spectacular vehicles, the Nissan GTR. If developed, it will be a pure one off type of project by the(…)

Jaguar C-X16 0

Jaguar’s latest concept car has stolen the show at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show. Already anticipated as being the “spiritual successor” to the E-Type, it may come as no surprise at the amount of praise it has received so far. Great performance and good environmental credentials? Considering how sporty and powerful the looks and the(…)

The unique Citroen Tubik 0

Citroen are releasing a new concept van, which will be shown at this year’s Frankfurt motor show. It looks different from any other car or vehicle made for that matter. Design The Tubik stands at 480cm long, 208cm wide and 205cm in height. The van from the outside looks very futuristic. With an aluminium look(…)

The new Honda Civic 0

The Honda Civic car is iconic for decades now, owned by all types of drivers seen in many parts throughout the UK. The latest addition is due to be seen at the Frankfurt Motor show later this year with great interest around the world. There are no official details regarding the car (Kerb weight, the(…)