New Cars

New 2016 Jaguar XF set to go on Sale in the UK 0

Jaguar turns 80 this year, and 2015 is set to be the busiest year ever for the luxury British car manufacturer. The Jaguar XF has been developed to rival the highly rated BMW 3 Series, there have also been updates to the F Type, XJ and even the E Type has been brought back to(…)

The New 2016 Volvo XC90 0

The new Volvo has made dramatic advances in terms of interior, exterior as well as beneath the bonnet. The Volvo XC90 has received some major changes, which you strange to see on a new version of car compared to earlier generation models. Most car manufacturers are reluctant to make major changes, unlike Volvo has done(…)

The Volkswagen GTE Sport Concept Hybrid that has arrived from the future 0

During the gathering at Lake Wothersee in Austria to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Volkswagen GTI, the announcement of the Volkswagen GTE Sport concept was made; the production of the vehicle will start sometime during 2016. The Hybrid engine This Volkswagen GTE Sport is powered by a three-motor plug-in hybrid powertrain system, which is also(…)

2015 Ford S-MAX and C-MAX range price revealed 0

Ford is in the process of updating its range with all new second-generation S-MAX, and the face lift of the C-MAX. Ford has announced its new C-MAX and S-MAX will be available in UK dealerships in the summer of 2015. The latest S-MAX and C-MAX was unveiled at last year’s Paris Motor Show. They use(…)

BMW M6 MT3 set for rerelease at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show 0

After the BMW Z4 GT3 crowned its final major appearance at the 24 hours of Spa Francorchamps, with the victory for BMW sports trophy team marc VDS. Now the new BMW M6 MT3 will take over as the manufacturers figurehead on the GT racing scene and will do battle for victory and titles in the(…)

BMW i3 all New Release 0

Electric vehicles look set to change the current market of traditional gas guzzlers, but the mass embracing of Electric vehicles poses new challenges and BMW have dubbed this program the ‘i Charge Forward’. Charging The biggest question about the increase in Electric vehicles is how power grids will be able to keep up if millions(…)

2016 Toyota Prius Takes to the public roads 0

The upcoming 2016 Toyota Prius hybrid has been spotted testing with a brand new look ahead of its 2016 release, the images for the disguised version show that its design is a lot cleaner and more aerodynamic then the last model. The appearance It’s rumoured that the new Prius will include different trim styles for(…)

All New 2015 Honda Jazz 0

The Honda Jazz made its debut at the Geneva motor show in March and is set to go on sale in the United Kingdom this coming September, Honda previously sold 5.5 million Jazz models around the world in 2001 accounting for 40 per cent of all Honda UK sales. Engine A 1.3 litre petrol engine(…)

‘Ludicrous Mode’ revealed for the Tesla Model S 1

The Tesla Model S which already had an insane mode now has a ‘Ludicrous mode’ makes the model S even faster. It can now go from 0-60 MPH in 2.8 seconds, and can complete a quarter mile in just 10.0 seconds. To account for this new feature, the two engines now have a combined 762(…)

2016 BMW M2 Has Been Spotted 0

The new BMW M2 has been spotted in its last stages of testing, pending its launch early next year in 2016. The M2 is set to be unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show in January while the M2 is said to cost around £45,000 when it finally lands in showrooms around the UK. These spotted(…)