General Knowledge

UK’s most comfortable cars revealed 0

Skoda has claimed the title of Britain’s most comfortable car. A survey of 50,000 motorists voted the Skoda Superb top of the tree, beating off competition in a category valued as highly by customers as economy, style and speed. For a car to be considered ‘comfortable’ in terms of the survey, it had to be(…)

The simple mistake that can land you a hefty parking fine 0

Councils and parking firms are using a new stealth tactic that could see thousands of motorists being hit with a completely unexpected parking fine. Money guru, Martin Lewis has warned drivers that throwing away pay and display parking tickets can lead to a sizable bill up to two months later. Speaking on ITV breakfast show(…)

Majority of UK motorists clueless to car maintenance 0

Cars and their technology are becoming more advanced every day, but UK motorists are still struggling to understand the very basics behind car maintenance. Simple tasks such as checking tread depth and changing light bulbs on vehicle lights are beyond the capabilities of the majority of British motorists. A new survey has revealed the startling(…)

Robots could soon be booking your car into be serviced 0

You can buy, trade, and sell your car online and while this isn’t a new phenomenon, a new study recently revealed that a fifth of cars will be bought online by 2027 – putting 27,000 dealership jobs at risk. The same thing is happening in the servicing sector. Motorists have the ability to book their(…)

UK motorway electric charging company changes pricing 0

Ecotricity is to replace the £6 flat fee it charges for use of its network of motorway EV chargers, with a pay as you go structure. The company, which is the sole motorway charging provider, believes the new payment plan will offer users a far greater degree of flexibility. In 2016, Ecotricity introduced a £6(…)

Uber axes self-driving car engineer amid legal fight with Google 0

Transportation networking giants, Uber, have sacked the engineer accused of stealing secrets from Google-owner, Alphabet, after he did not assist in an investigation concerning the lawsuit. Anthony Levandowski, was previously employed by Alphabet’s self-driving division, Waymo. The accusation against Levandowski, is that he stole 14,000 confidential documents before leaving the company back in 2016. Uber(…)

Late Easter blamed for fall in UK car production 0

April saw the amount of cars made in the UK fall by about a fifth, with the late Easter blamed for the drop. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) said 122,116 cars were produced in April, a fall of 18% compared with the same time last year. Easter falling in April, instead of(…)

Rolls Royce Sweptail – Luxury motoring like you’ve never seen before 0

You have to hand it to Rolls-Royce, their status as the world’s leading purveyor of luxury cars was never really at risk. No sooner had the young pretenders: Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz started rolling out their own hopeful attempts of cars that would monopolise the uber-luxury limo segment, that the iconic brand decided to reassert(…)

Car insurance shocker – ticking a box could save you 50% 0

UK motorists could save hundreds of pounds each year by opting for fully comprehensive car insurance instead of third party. It is a widely held belief that fully comprehensive insurance is more costly than a third party, fire and theft policy. New research by and The Sun has revealed that average premiums could potentially(…)

Thousands of drivers caught despite crackdown on mobile use 0

Figures have revealed that despite the tougher penalties coming into force for mobile phone use behind the wheel, thousands of motorists were still apprehended by police in the days and weeks following the rule change. Numbers obtained by the Press Association show that the UK police force caught almost 6,000 motorists using some form of(…)