General Knowledge

The Renault Megane RenaultSport 265 0

The Renault Megane Renaultsport 265 pricing details have been officially unveiled before its release in April. This is a more powerful and improved model from that of last year. It is available to order from February 20th. The Megane Renaultsport 265 Cup will cost £24,825 and the 265 model will cost £26,025. There is a(…)

How to change oil – Part 2 0

Step 4 – Filter assembly The next step is to find the filter assembly. There is no standardised location for this part and it may prove difficult to locate. Check the front, back and side of the engine. Once you found it remove it. This isn’t an easy task however, you have to get a(…)

Will there be an eyesight test for all drivers? 0

Driving with poor eyesight is as bad as when you drive when intoxicated.  Many experts have called and have been making pleas with the Government to set compulsory eyesight tests. This is due to four million UK motorists not meeting the legal eyesight requirement apparently. Some believe that the number could indeed be a lot(…)

Nissan is planning $2 billion investment in Mexican factory 0

Nissan will build another car factory in Mexico investing a total of $2 billion. They are currently the largest Asian car producer to have the biggest amount of production capacity in the country. The decision was said to be made based on the poor profits that return from the Yen. Yen strength Many Japanese car(…)

Wireless recharging systems 0

Wireless recharging pods are set to be distributed across London. If the trail is successful, the system will then be extended and rolled out across the whole country. The London Mayor Boris Johnson is in full support of the scheme.  How the system will work The trail involves fifty electric cars being tested with the(…)

The Mitsubishi EMIRAI at the Tokyo Motor Show 0

The Mitsubishi EMIARI concept debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show and received plenty of interest. It’s easy to understand why. From the images, the EMIRAI looks like machinery that should be operating a spaceship. It looks very futuristic and is designed to be released within 10 years, according to the Japanese automotive company. Interactive The(…)

Nissan Qashquai Review 0

The Nissan Qashquai has helped the Japanese car producers revive their fortunes across the world. It’s known as a practical, stylish and dynamic family car. We take a look at some of our favourite features on the car. Safety We believe that the car’s safety credentials are one of its strongest assets. The Qashaqui comes(…)

The £170,000 Ferrari…quad bike 2

Today we report on the news that Ferrari and BMW features have combined not to develop a car, but to develop a spectacular quad bike. We would have liked to share that the two companies have built a brand new supercar (Imagine how great that would be) but the quad bike is almost just as(…)

The new Lotus City car to be priced at £29,000 1

The new Lotus City car will be on sale for a price of £29,000. The sporty city car is said to go on sale in 2015. The price of the car is said to be £2000 cheaper than the Martin Cygnet. City cars the way forward Futuristic type city cars are being developed by a(…)

Eterniti announces their plans 0

The London based car producer Eterniti have made some announcements regarding their future plans. The newest British entrant into the automotive market has released more details on their plans to develop of a luxurious SUV vehicle. The company believe that there is gap in the market for them to take advantage of. They intend to(…)