General Knowledge

Maria Sharapova’s Porsche, twice the speed of her serve! 1

Sharapova made a lot of headlines in the automotive industry recently with her stunning plug-in hybrid Porsche 918 Spyder, chauffeured by former F1 driver Mark Webber at a pre-Wimbledon party. The tournament has now finished. Sharapova crashed out in the second round, ending her hopes of winning a second consecutive title in a row. The(…)

Could we see Formula E in London next year? 0

Formula 1 is certainly one of the most electrifying and competitive sporting competitions in the world. For all of the speed, power and sound comes a great deal of pollution. The sport is certainty not good for the environment. Although steps have been taken to make the sport more environmentally friendly, the sport is nowhere(…)

Volkswagen XL1 comes with enormous price tag 0

The Volkswagen XL1 will arrive in the UK this autumn and will come a huge price tag. Just 200 of the efficient plug in hybrids will be built, each costing £98.515. The vehicle will be made in the Volkswagen’s Osnabruck factory in Germany. Just 30 of them will make their way here to UK showrooms.(…)

Ford Kuga Titanium X Sport out in showrooms 0

The Ford Kuga Titanium X Sport trim is the highest level model in the Kuga SUV range. It will come at a price of £28,595. The specific trim came as there was a high demand for Titanium X models. 80 per cent of buyers decided to opt for the Kuga Titanium or the Titanium X,(…)

The end of the Jaguar XK 0

The production of the Jaguar XK  is due to come to and end it has been announced. This summer the XK will make way for some new sports models. The car has been on sale for eight years and has sold a tremendous 54,000 units. The news, which has been confirmed by Jaguar will come(…)

David Beckham signed up by Jaguar 0

David Beckham now joins Jose Mourinho as an ambassador for Jaguar. Both football legends are promoting the F-Type Coupe worldwide. David Beckham was in China, seen with F-Type on billboards as well as magazines and TV. David Beckham’s delight of the F-Type’s British Spirit David Beckham was speaking about his love for the ‘British’ brand.(…)

Huge buzz behind the brand new Baby Jeep 0

The new Baby Jeep model is set to unveiled at next week’s Geneva Motor Show. However images have been already leaked online which has left many very excited about the Jeep’s appearance next week. Fans can expect it to be in showrooms in by the end of the year or 2015 at the latest. It(…)

How To Be A More Economical Driver 0

Given the huge rise in fuel prices in the UK over recent years, both diesel and petrol, driving with as much efficiency as possible is something that all road users need to take on board. Of course, sometimes you simply have to put your foot down but for everyday motoring a more restrained approach is(…)

Council spy cars could be banned 0

Some potentially good news for motorists. Those annoying spy camera cars are under consideration banned in the UK. The law could be changed as soon as January. Many consider them to be an unjust way of councils making money. It is claimed that static and car mounted cameras have been used to issue 10 million(…)

The new Peugeot 308 R 0

The new Peugeot 308 R The new Peugeot 308 series has undergone a huge makeover with their new R model. Artificial images have been revealed in the press but we’ll all get to see it in the flesh at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. Under the bonnet comes a 1.6 litre engine, a very(…)