General Knowledge

Apple reveals details of self driving project 0

Apple has revealed details about its autonomous car intentions, with chief executive Tim Cook describing the initiative as “the mother of all” AI projects. Cook went on to say that Apple was investing a huge amount of resources into technology that would be able to control driverless cars; he also pointed towards the possibility his(…)

The ten most eccentric Ferraris: No.06 The 365P Berlinetta Speciale 0

Today we continue our nostalgic look at the ‘other’ Ferraris, the ones perhaps not so legendary as the Testarossa or the F40, but worth a look none the less. Counting down from ten – but in no particular order – the time has come to look back at the… Ferrari 365P Berlinetta Speciale When the(…)

Jaguar XF wins Auto Trader Car of the Year 0

Car owners have voted the Jaguar XF Car of the Year in Auto Trader Magazine’s inaugural awards. The competition, that differs from traditional awards, by polling car owners instead of industry experts, asked 10,000 of its readers which vehicles they valued highest in a number of criteria including running costs, practicality and reliability. The Jaguar(…)

Amazon to start selling cars 0

Is there no limit to Amazon’s relentless quest for world domination? Starting in the UK and rolling out into Europe, the brand is to start selling cars. The online giant has moved into automotive retail in a move to “fill the gap in its catalogue”. Last year the company launched its online car information database(…)

Thousands of bees attack car in Hull 0

A car in Hull has been invaded by a swarm of up to 20,000 bees. Shirley Taylor said her Nissan, which she had parked outside the front of her house, had become the new residence of a local swarm of the flying insects. Chairman of the Beverley Beekeepers’ Association, Chris Coulson, has been trying to(…)

One in ten brand new cars has to return to dealership for repairs 0

Hundreds of brand new cars are being returned to dealerships due to problems that develop in the first few weeks, a new survey has revealed. Amongst the main faults reported were problems with the electrical systems, engine issues, and rattling interiors. 2016 was a record year for new registrations; this means over 300,000 new vehicles(…)

Servicing Stop launches repairs website 0

Not satisfied merely being leaders of the online car servicing and MOT sector alone, Servicing Stop has now moved into the repairs business. The company which is now officially the UK’s fastest growing car servicing provider – best known for its free and convenient car collection and delivery service – has just launched its very(…)

Richard Hammond involved in major crash 0

The Grand Tour presenter, Richard Hammond, has been involved in a major crash in Switzerland. Fortunately, the former Top Gear host was able to walk away from the shunt without any major injuries. Hammond was participating in a car race, being filmed for the Amazon TV show, when the £2 million Rimac he was driving(…)

Online car aftermarket sector booming in the UK 0

A new survey commissioned by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has shown that UK motorists are more content to shop for car parts online than they are for makeup and cosmetics. In fact, the proportion of purchase of automotive accessories tops even that of online ordering from supermarkets. The research showed that(…)

UK’s most comfortable cars revealed 0

Skoda has claimed the title of Britain’s most comfortable car. A survey of 50,000 motorists voted the Skoda Superb top of the tree, beating off competition in a category valued as highly by customers as economy, style and speed. For a car to be considered ‘comfortable’ in terms of the survey, it had to be(…)