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A look back at the Hillman Avenger (1970 – 1976) 0

The Hillman Avenger was the car that Rootes/Chrysler attempted to sell to the world. For a brief period, it was exported to the United States as a Plymouth and found success in South America as a Dodge. It’s styling was more appealing than the Hunter’s and the engines were competent and lively: 1248cc and 1498cc(…)

Can we really call the re-birth of a classic, a concept? 0

This is a guest blog by Servicing Stop PR Executive Jacqueline Gordon Concept cars, designed for one thing and one thing only – image. We either love them or loathe them. There’s one new concept currently on the block however, that we can’t quite make our minds up on. Traditionally, concept vehicles showcase a brand’s(…)

New Griffith sportscar launched by resurrected TVR 0

Like a phoenix rising from the flames, TVR has been resurrected and turned out a brand new Griffith. The new sports car, unveiled at the recent Goodwood Revival, is a two seater, has a carbon chassis, composite body and a number of aluminium panels. There are plenty of of nods towards the original Griffith, none(…)

Used diesels have lost a quarter of their value since start of year 0

New figures have revealed that a good proportion of the UK’s most popular diesel cars have lost almost 25 per cent of their value since the start of 2017. The depreciation in value is the expected result of the Government announcing plans to crackdown on polluting cars. Data from shows the average value of(…)

Range Rover: ‘Chelsea tractor’ officially most popular luxury vehicle in Kensington and Chelsea 0

It was initially just a derogatory term used to describe the unnecessarily large and powerful SUVs prowling the streets of West London, but recent research has revealed that Chelsea Tractors (or Range Rovers as they’re officially known) are officially the most popular luxury vehicle in Kensington and Chelsea. Research by the classified ad website CarGurus(…)

Kia latest brand to introduce £2,000 scrappage scheme 0

Kia is the latest brand to introduce a UK scrappage scheme for its older vehicles. Drivers of the company’s cars that are over seven years old will be offered £2,000 to trade their vehicle for a new Kia Picanto or Rio. The initiative is already active at Kia dealerships across the UK and will run(…)

New vehicles will face tougher emissions tests to prevent manufacturers ‘cheating’ 0

New legislation has come into force that will see new cars face tougher emissions tests. The tests will see new vehicles put through both open road testing with monitoring equipment attached to the exhaust pipe and a more robust set of laboratory tests. The new testing programme is part of a revised set of European(…)

130 sets of car keys stolen from Manchester Airport 0

Up to 130 sets of car keys have been stolen from a long-stay carpark near Manchester Airport. Four cars were also taken, the Manchester Evening News has reported. Police have said the true number of car owners affected is not yet fully known as the majority of the vehicles’ owners are still on holiday. The(…)

A look back at the DeLorean DMC-12 (1981 – 1982) 0

Let’s not kid ourselves, there are few people that will look at the DeLorean and not think of the Back to the Future film franchise. The eccentric car with a fascinating backstory has been forever immortalised by the three blockbusting movies from the ‘80s and will always be associated with flux capacitors, Marty McFly and(…)

A look back at the Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn (1949 – 1955) 0

The release of the Silver Dawn in 1949 was the first indication that the Rolls-Royce and Bentley ranges were unifying. The car was a badge-engineered Bentley MkVI delivered as a entry level Rolls Royce, aimed at the ludicrously wealthy but slightly less aristocratic customers who didn’t necessarily want to stretch to the extravagance of having(…)