General Knowledge

Petrol stations could close during Easter 0

1,000 petrol tanker drivers are set to go on strike across the country during the Easter break. This will in effect force the closure of 8,000 petrol stations. The strike is expected to start on April 3rd.  This will be the first strike of its kind for over a decade. Army personal on standby 1,000(…)

A recap of the Geneva Motor Show – The Nissan’s Hi-Cross 0

The Nissan Hi-Cross is another vehicle to be showcased at the Geneva Motor Show this year that has received outstanding first impressions. CVT gearbox The 4×4 is a hybrid powered crossover. There is a 2.0 litre petrol engine under the bonnet which works alongside an electric motor. A specially designed CVT gearbox transmission helps to(…)

The 2012 Budget disappointing for motorists 0

Yesterday the Coalition Government announced the 2012 Budget which left many motorists frustrated and angry. Leading up to the Budget, many motorists and motoring group were heavily campaigning for fuel duty increases to be cut. Motorists are struggling to cope with the constant rise of petrol prices. This was extremely disappointing news for many. What(…)

The Renault Twizy and David Guetta in Geneva 0

The Geneva Motor Show this year was made that extra bit special with the appearance of David Guetta and his wife Cathy. Both were on hand to present the Renault Twizy at the Geneva Motor Show this year. The international DJ, on top of the music charts throughout the world has been signed up by(…)

Toyota exports dropped 0

Today we bring a report about Toyota. Their export profits have dropped by a tremendous 6.39 per cent in 2011 when comparing exports in 2010. In total exports equated to $805 million in 2011 for Toyota. 2010 saw export values hitting $860 million. The Japan and Thailand disasters The slowdown is all put down to(…)

Our roads to be sold off 0

Roads in England to be owned by private companies The biggest sell off since the rail privatisation Road tolls could spread   David Cameron has released a statement saying that our motorways and trunk roads could be sold off with the roads being semi-privatised. Reasons behind the decision are said to be money. The England(…)

The new Volvo V40 images released 1

Ahead of its debut launch at the Geneva Motor Show in March, photos of the Volvo V40 have been released. It is expected to a vehicle that helps Volvo raise their profile worldwide and compete with the very best. Rivals will take notice Stefan Jacoby, the Volvo President and CEO has come out and said(…)

Mazda shares fall as their financial crisis worsens 1

Mazda’s sales and shares have fallen it has been reported. They are currently the worst performing Japanese car maker and are making the least profits. Mazda dropped on the market to 8.2 per cent to 135 Yen. This was the lowest it has been since the 6th of February on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. On(…)

Fiat may build a performance enhanced Fiat Panda 0

Fiat are said to be considering a performance enhanced Fiat Panda city car. Would there really be much demand for a sporty city car? It would appear so as a spokesman for the company have begun development of the performance Fiat Panda model. Rumours claim that the car will achieve 105 BHP from its 875cc(…)

Ferrari showroom re-opened in South Kensington 0

A Ferrari showroom located in Old Brompton Road, South Kensington had officially re-opened last week. The showroom has previously been closed for a 24 week period following a revamp of the premises. In total this cost £1.4 million. The revamp was ordered by Ferrari in order to meet their corporate identity standards, where certain areas(…)