General Knowledge

More details on the Mini Roadster 0

The first ever Mini Roadster will cost between £18,015 and £24,850. It’s Mini’s latest move with new releases on the market, with the Mini Coupe and Countryman SUV also due next year. Better than the Mini Convertible? The car differs from the Mini Convertible with it not containing the rear seats, which are not very(…)

Fleet companies taxes to increase despite being greener 0

Fuel efficient fleet companies are set to receive a tax increase. Figures from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) show that taxes in which companies pay for their cars has dramatically declined in recent years. In the tax year 2002/03, companies paid £1.68 billion for car tax whereas 2008/2009 figures showed that only £1.25 billion(…)

Strict dangerous driving laws introduced 0

Convicted dangerous drivers are to receive tougher sentences.Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke said a maximum of five years will be handed out in relation to “Causing injury by dangerous driving”. This is an extension of three years, with the current maximum sentence for such an offence being just 2 years. Kenneth Clarke stated that after taking(…)

Are there really 1 billion cars on our roads? 0

There is said to be 1 billion cars running on our roads around the world for the first time ever. Experts predict that figure to be 2.5 billion by 2050. In the last year alone there were 35 million cars sold around the world. That astronomical figure equates to the total number of cars in(…)

The Honda Civic Type R is back and it’s faster than ever 0

The legendary car is set for a return, this time with a turbo engine. The Honda Civic Type R is currently being developed by Honda’s racing development company associate, Mugen. It has been claimed by many automotive experts that a turbo engine will be installed into the car, making it the first ever Honda to(…)

Citroen C4 Aircross 0

A few weeks back there was news of the new Citroen Aircoss being releasing soon. It looks like quite a good prospect from first impressions. As everyone knows, there is always more than what meets the eye. We take an in depth look into what’s in store. It looks like quite an attractive crossover type(…)

The Skoda Citigo 0

Skoda is planning to release a rival to the Volkswagen UP! in the form of the Citigo. With the Czech company currently expanding, one of their major targets is to place a successful entrant within the city car market, with the hope of raising the company’s profile. The car will come as either a 5(…)

Brazil’s automotive industry set to boom 0

By mid-decade automotive production is to see a major shakeup, according to reports. Japan is set to be overtaken by Brazil as the world’s third largest car market by 2015. The two biggest car markets in the world at present, China and the USA, are expected to stay where they are. Sales within the Brazilian(…)

A Nissan Juke GTR? 1

Nissan rumoured to be developing a super powerful GTR version of one of their family cars, the Nissan Juke. Dubbed the “Super Juke” the car will be influenced from one of the company’s most powerful and spectacular vehicles, the Nissan GTR. If developed, it will be a pure one off type of project by the(…)

Will there be a new 80mph speed limit introduced? 0

At the start of the year we heard of a new 80mph speed limit being introduced. What were the main reasons? To boost our economy will faster travelling roads along with providing various environmental benefits too. Is it about time the motorways were made faster? Since 1965 the UK has had the same speed limit(…)