General Knowledge

Toyota hope to double business in Brazil 0

Toyota has revealed that they hope to increase their business in Brazil by more than double. They now have three plants open in Brazil and are hoping to open a fourth in the near future. That plant is expected to be purely dedicated to engine manufacturing. Toyota is currently the world’s third largest car maker.(…)

Car Insurance myths 2

Plenty of people attempt to get their car insurance quotes cheaper, in some way or another. However these so called tricks are being clamped down on, with many scams now becoming obsolete. Despite the industry increasing their intelligence upon such scams, many customers attempt to a few underhand tactics anyway. For those are unaware, today(…)

Will the Vauxhall Ampera help improve electric car sales? 1

Electric car sales have been very poor since they we were promised they would take the world by storm. Vauxhall have promised to change all of that with their new Ampera. Range anxiety problem One major problem with electric cars is that of owners having range anxiety. Some are scared that their battery will not(…)

How the petrol crisis got even worse? 0

Fill up your petrol tank when it is half full, official Government advice read. A strike from fuel tanker drivers is still likely to go ahead at that stage. The Energy Minister Ed Davey then offered new advice to motorists after a previous statement was withdrawn. That helped to calm down the situation at the(…)

What’s wrong with being a car salesman? 0

There are many stigmas involved being a car salesman. However we recognise it as a skilled job that requires good people skills and requires the art of persuasion. Ignoring the jokes, the job is indeed a potentially well paid job. Being a good car salesman can be difficult and will have plenty of pressure placed(…)

Higher education courses in the automotive industry 0

Have you ever thought that university could be the way forward? Are you aware of the opportunities open to you by continuing your studies? The automotive job you’ve always wanted could be gained through a higher education course. Servicing Stop Jobs takes a look into a few courses that may interest you. Motorsport Engineering and(…)

The Volvo V40 at the Geneva Motor Show 0

Volvo has showcased their Volkswagen Golf rivalling V40 model at the Geneva Motor Show. Volvo has said that their latest model will make rivals stand up and take notice. What exactly do rivals have to fear? Aiming for the stars The family five door vehicle is aiming for the stars rivalling the likes of luxury(…)

Petrol stations could close during Easter 0

1,000 petrol tanker drivers are set to go on strike across the country during the Easter break. This will in effect force the closure of 8,000 petrol stations. The strike is expected to start on April 3rd.  This will be the first strike of its kind for over a decade. Army personal on standby 1,000(…)

A recap of the Geneva Motor Show – The Nissan’s Hi-Cross 0

The Nissan Hi-Cross is another vehicle to be showcased at the Geneva Motor Show this year that has received outstanding first impressions. CVT gearbox The 4×4 is a hybrid powered crossover. There is a 2.0 litre petrol engine under the bonnet which works alongside an electric motor. A specially designed CVT gearbox transmission helps to(…)

The 2012 Budget disappointing for motorists 0

Yesterday the Coalition Government announced the 2012 Budget which left many motorists frustrated and angry. Leading up to the Budget, many motorists and motoring group were heavily campaigning for fuel duty increases to be cut. Motorists are struggling to cope with the constant rise of petrol prices. This was extremely disappointing news for many. What(…)