New Technology

Charge your Nissan leaf wirelessly 2

Nissan have stepped up the desirability of electric cars a few notches with the announcement of wireless charging. Their electric Leaf will be able to charge wirelessly upon its second generation. How much easier and convenient would that be? Plastic pad At the moment wireless charging is not very common at all throughout the industry.(…)

SEAT looking for a greener future 2

Spanish car manufactures SEAT have released plans for a set of electric and hybrid cars in the future. The experimental wholly electric cars currently being developed by the company are the Altea XL and the Leon TwinDrive Ecomotive plug-in hybrid. SEAT Leon TwinDrive Ecomotive The Leon model in question is expected to be released as(…)

Moving away from traditional car radios 0

Government regulations will mean traditional analogue car radios will become obsolete by 2015. This means only digital DAB radios will be in use in the future. However, it has been reported that many car manufacturers have decided to not to install them in their upcoming models. The idea, formed from a Government initiative named Digital(…)

Chargemaster to set up Polar EV charging network 0

Chargemaster were responsible for launching the nation’s first EV charging network earlier this week. For those of you who haven’t heard of the scheme, it’s a convenient way for electric car owners to charge up their battery via a dedicated pod. You must a monthly cost of £24.50 in order to access one. This will(…)

The Honda Civic Type R is back and it’s faster than ever 0

The legendary car is set for a return, this time with a turbo engine. The Honda Civic Type R is currently being developed by Honda’s racing development company associate, Mugen. It has been claimed by many automotive experts that a turbo engine will be installed into the car, making it the first ever Honda to(…)

Electric car sales fall 1

There has been some recent surprising news regarding electric cars recently. Sales have fallen and remain at a low for this year. It may come as a surprise considering the recent attention that they have received. Government grant couldn’t help A grant was offered by the Government to encourage more people to purchase electric cars.(…)

New Convertibles for 2011 0

By normal standards 2010 was a poor year for convertible fans, so what’s in store for convertible fans in 2011? The recession made it difficult for car manufactures to create budgets for the development of convertibles. Since then the car industry has recovered well and 2011 looks a lot more promising. As it’s the summer,(…)

Low emission cars and environment 1

Low emission vehicles are being promoted not just nationally but globally throughout the world too. Its effects for the environment compared to that of petrol and diesel cars are extremely beneficial, making cities cleaner with less pollution. This allows people to live healthier by not having to breathe in polluted air created from burnt fuel(…)

The SARTRE Project 0

Firstly SARTRE stands for Safe Road Trains for the Environment. It’s a European Government Initiative which is at present being developed, with many different partners involved. In a nutshell, it’s a unique piece of technology to allow a type of Road Cluster for cars which allows them to follow a lead vehicle automatically. Once following,(…)

Car Apps 1

Apple-inspired applications will be accessible through the car’s head unit in the near future. Drivers could find out about the pubs in the area ahead, or what the foods like in a particular restaurant and tracking flight data. Other apps could provide information on finding the cheapest fuel, the best driving roads, sat-nav, speed cameras(…)