Nissan and Toyota admit steel used to manufacture vehicles could be substandard 0

Two of the UK’s largest car manufacturers, Nissan and Toyota, are conducting an urgent probe into whether or not crucial body parts may have serious safety flaws. The two companies are investigating if metals imported from one of Japan’s major exporters could be too weak. Hitachi – the manufacturer of some of Britain’s high-speed trains(…)

Nissan reveal dehydration detection car seats that measure your sweat 0

You certainly can’t accuse Nissan of lacking innovation. The Japanese car maker has just revealed a prototype car seat that detects driver dehydration by measuring their levels of sweat. A recent study by the European Hydration Institute found that dehydrated drivers were just as likely to cause an accident as those who have been drinking.(…)

Nissan Qashqais tops dirty diesel league table 0

The Nissan Qashqai has been found to be one of the most polluting cars on the road. Following a series of tests, conducted as part of the Allow Independent Road-Testing (AIR) Campaign, the most polluting diesels were named and shamed. The campaign called for car manufacturers to base their emissions tests on ‘real world’ conditions(…)

Infiniti to launch new electric car in January 2018 0

Infiniti, the luxury car arm of Japanese car giant Nissan, is planning to introduce an all-electric car slated to make its debut at the 2018 Detroit Motor Show. This will go some way to easing the disappointment felt by fans following the news that the brand’s impressive Prototype 9 electric car, launched earlier in the(…)

Nissan backs Sunderland for City of Culture bid 0

Perhaps understandably, Nissan has backed Sunderland as the city bids for the title of National City of Culture. The Japanese automaker has had a plant in the North-East since 1986 and recently announced plans to increase production; welcome news amid the uncertainty following the UK’s decision to leave the EU. Sunderland is in the final(…)

Nissan workforce awarded freedom of Sunderland 0

Nissan’s entire workforce at its plant in Sunderland is to receive the freedom of the city. A selection of employees of the car maker will represent the 7,000 workers when they receive the honour at an extraordinary meeting of Sunderland City Council. The award comes after Nissan announced it would increase its production by 20%(…)

Nissan launch ‘Paw Pack’ for the X-Trail off-roader 0

Never let it be said that Nissan doesn’t spare a thought for man’s best friend. The Japanese company has just launched what it is calling its “Paw Pack”, an accessory for its X-Trail model that allows Fido to travel home in safety and comfort after walkies in the countryside – with as little mess as(…)

City of Florence gets fleet of electric Nissan taxis 0

Nissan’s flagship electric vehicle, the Leaf, is becoming increasingly popular with cab companies the world over. Florence is the latest city to embrace the Japanese carmaker’s compact, green little runaround and has ordered a fleet of 67 to operate as taxis around the historic Italian city. The municipality recently opened 70 new taxi licences exclusively(…)

A look back at the Nissan Datsun Sunny 120Y (1973 – 1978) 0

Today’s retrospective takes us back to the ‘70s and a properly golden period in the Datsun/Nissan timeline. The company’s sales boomed in the UK in particular, and this success was most likely attributable to the easy availability to its cars, thanks to the Japanese production lines. At a time when the majority of Britain’s manufacturing(…)

A look back at the Nissan Figaro (1991) 0

Today’s retrospective takes a look back at the Nissan Figaro. As classic cars go, the Figaro nailed ‘retro’ before the style was even in fashion. It was certainly unique, an eccentric labour of love that harked back to the classic sports convertibles that motored the roads of Europe in years gone by. Built in 1991(…)