The story behind the Peugeot badge 0

Peugeot hasn’t always made cars, the French company started off in 1847 as a producer of saws and other blades. A lion was chosen as a logo to represent the strength and suppleness of its products. The lion underwent a variant of different stylings over the years until the final version was settled on in(…)

Peugeot 5008 takes cabin space to new levels 0

The major dilemma with Peugeot’s new seven seater 5008 is whereabouts exactly in the cavernous interior to store your stuff. You’re certainly spoiled for choice; space is something the 5008 has an abundance of. A third row of seats can be removed completely, boosting boot capacity from a spacious 720 litres to an extravagant 1,060.(…)

A look back at the Peugeot 104 (1972 – 1988) 0

Talk about longevity. The Peugeot 104 remained in production for a whopping 16 years, with over 2,000,000 built. And yet, it was never really considered a best seller. An early supermini challenger, it was without a hatchback rear that would have made sales success a certainty. The opening ‘72 edition was a four-door fastback saloon(…)

Celebrating the best French cars: The Peugeot 205 0

Time flies, doesn’t it? In some ways it’s hard to believe that production of the Peugeot 205 stopped back in the late 1990s, so many of them are still on our roads today. At the time of its initial production run, the 205 mostly competed against the Fiat Uno and Metro. Those rival superminis are(…)

Peugeot concept reveals brand’s vision for the future 0

Peugeot has revealed its vision of the car of the future and it more closely resembles a smartphone rather than a car. Even the name ‘car’ has been ditched for ‘device’, as the new Instinct concept is far more than just a method of transportation. The snazzy new concept revealed at the recent Frankfurt Motor(…)

Peugeot reveal world’s smallest phone box 0

As more and more of us turn to the internet when buying a new car, dealerships are being forced to get more and more creative when it comes to locating their premises. One well-known French car maker has just set a new bar in ‘eccentric’. Rival car makers will be hard pushed to come up(…)

Peugeot owner reunited with car – 38 years after it was stolen 0

A Peugeot owner has been reunited with her vehicle, 38 years after it was stolen. The Peugeot 104 was found at the bottom of a muddy pond in France and was in surprisingly good condition, despite teaming with Crayfish. The car came to the attention of police in Calons-en-Champagne after the water level in the(…)

Peugeot driver keeps getting fined because his car gets confused with a Bentley 0

Peugeot and Bentley: two car manufacturers you wouldn’t usually get mixed up (no offence meant to either). Or at least that’s what you’d expect. Try telling that to Peugeot owner Gordon King however, the beleaguered motorist has racked up a whopping seven congestion charge penalty notices over the past 12 months despite the 76 year(…)

Classic Peugeot 205 set to sell for whopping £210,000 0

A 1980’s Peugeot 205 T16 is set to break the world record by selling for an eye-watering £210,000 later this month. The classic, now 32 years old, is a rare ultra-fast turbo and is built to rally specifications. There were only ever 200 T16s produced, due to rally rules. The model for sale has only(…)

Peugeot announce new trim levels for 108 0

Peugeot has revealed details about two new trim levels for the 108; adding plenty of extra personalisation options. The two new packages are called Collection and TOP! Roland Garros; they’ve been released as part of a summer promotion aimed at promoting the brand’s latest finance deals. There are five paint colours available with the Collection:(…)