A look back at the Toyota Celica A20/35 (1970 – 1977) 0

Today our retrospective focuses on one of Japan’s most illustrious exports to the UK and US (in particular) – the Toyota Celica A20/35. The first generation of the Celica had always been slated primarily as an export and had been designed accordingly. To all intents and purposes, it was a coupe version of the Carina.(…)

Traditional car engines to be dead by 2050 says Toyota boss 0

Toyota believe the bell has tolled for the internal combustion engine. The prediction, that the internal combustion engine’s days are numbered comes from the company’s head of advanced research and development, Seigo Kuzumaki. The prediction comes as electric car production finally starts like hitting the numbers long forecast; much tighter emissions regulations are also encouraging(…)

Toyota build life-size version of 80s remote controlled Tamiya Hilux Bruiser 0

In the 1980s, the must-have remote controlled truck that every kid wanted (and quite a lot of grown-ups to be fair) was the Tamiya the Hilux Bruiser. The hard-as-nails pickup was the equal to anything Tonka were churning out at the time and it was so powerful that you could tow a ride behind it(…)

Toyota say hydrogen cars will cost the same as hybrids by 2025 0

Toyota believes that by 2025 it will be selling hydrogen cars at the same price as their hybrid equivalent. At the moment, a mid-range Toyota Prius hybrids costs around £22,000, its hydrogen-powered range equal, the Mirai, sells at around £65,000. However the Mirai, despite its larger size, loses money once development costs are factored in.(…)

Toyota unveils new ‘emotional’ concepts 0

The Tokyo Motor Show has seen Toyota unveil two new concepts that show off the brand’s vision for the future. The two tiny electric cars are said to be able to guide their drivers away from danger by ‘sensing’ their emotions. The two vehicles – the Concept i-Ride and the Concept i-Walk – are the(…)

Toyota and Nissan admit steel used to manufacture vehicles could be substandard 0

Two of the UK’s largest car manufacturers, Toyota and Nissan, are conducting an urgent probe into whether or not crucial body parts may have serious safety flaws. The two companies are investigating if metals imported from one of Japan’s major exporters could be too weak. Hitachi – the manufacturer of some of Britain’s high-speed trains(…)

Toyota pulls out of Australia 0

Toyota’s withdrawal from Australia could see as many as 6,000 lose their jobs. The firm’s main plant in Altona North closed early October, seeing 2,600 workers lose their jobs – a figure which doesn’t represent the vast amount of supply chain workers who depend on orders from the plant. “All up today, there are about(…)

Toyota’s self-driving car has two steering wheels to stop robot joyriding 0

Toyota has released images of its new self-driving car. The first thing that strikes you from the pictures is that it has two steering wheels. The reason for this apparently is to better transfer control from human to robot.   The vehicle being used for the tests is a Lexus LS 600hL and is equipped(…)

Toyota reveal the final FJ Cruiser 0

The SUV market is a crowded one these days. Every major car maker has got in on the action, offering their 4x4s with state of the art technology, luxury interiors and a variety of styles and formats, competition is certainly fierce. One of the pioneers of the accessible SUV market was Toyota’s FJ Cruiser. After(…)

Toyota come up with ingenious solution to stop teenagers speeding 0

Toyota has come up with an ingenious idea to stop younger drivers speeding in its cars – embarrass them. The Japanese car maker has hired Saatchi & Saatchi London to create the Safe and Sound App, that not only blocks the young driver’s social media posts and incoming calls when they’re travelling over 9 mph,(…)