A look back at the Toyota Corona Mk3 (1964 – 1969) 0

The Corona was a main player in the Japanese carmaker’s range since it was first released in 1957. Constantly evolving over time, in keeping with the manufacturer’s philosophy to meet the demands of its customers, a Corona was an ever-present in the line-up well up to the 1980s. Originally intended to be a no-frills family(…)

A look back at the Toyota Land Cruiser 40-Series (1960 – 1984) 0

It’s a genuine surprise to many that Toyota’s Land Cruiser 40-Series was actually around as far back as 1960. In the UK and Europe they only achieved fame later in life, but in all other parts of the world they are considered true legends. Nowadays they have a true cult following, a later entry into(…)

Toyota 1972 Crown gets new leash of life 0

It’s safe to assume that most people in the UK won’t be familiar with the Toyota Crown 2600 De Luxe. So, allow us to introduce you to the longest running model in the Toyota family. This particular 1972 Toyota Crown 2600 De Luxe is an extremely rare sight on British roads, showrooms or museums. Japan(…)

A look back at the Toyota MR2 (1989 – 1999) 0

Time for another hearty dose of Japanese nostalgia… Our retrospective look back at the various Toyota heavyweights of the past thirty years takes time today to cast a fond glimpse over the… Toyota MR2 The 1990s saw The Toyota MR2 mature with its first major model change. The popular ‘Midship Runabout’ gained a new form(…)

Toyota developing heart monitoring technology 0

It’s an ultimately tragic set of circumstances, but having a heart attack or other form of serious medical emergency whilst behind the wheel can lead to serious consequences not only for the sufferer, but also for anyone who happens to be nearby. With this in mind, Toyota are in the process of developing a new,(…)

Toyota’s flying car gets off the ground 0

Toyota’s flying car – which we first reported on a few months ago – has taken its first tentative flight. The car, which the Japanese company hopes will be capable of delivering the Olympic flame at the games in 2020, is very much in the prototype stage, as the video below shows. The idea is(…)

A look back at the Toyota Crown S60 (1971 – 1974) 0

The 71-74 Crown was the fourth generation of the model and was the first big Toyota to be sold in the UK, gaining significant traction in a market previously dominated by the Rover and Triumph 2000. For 1971, the MS60 was a major step forward with regards to style and certainly was in keeping with(…)

Toyota invest in flying car project 0

Toyota has announced its backing to a group of engineers who are in the process of developing a flying car. The Japanese carmaker will give 40 million yen (£274,000) to the Cartivator group who are based on the outskirts of Toyota city in central Japan. Newspapers in Japan have reported the car giant and several(…)

Toyota claims title world’s fastest SUV title 0

Toyota has won the title of World’s Fastest SUV after a record breaking attempt along a Californian runway. The modified Land Cruiser used to make the run, clocked up a blistering 230.02 mph along the two and a half miles stretch, sending it to the top of the record breakers’ table. Imaginatively titled the “Land(…)

A look back at the Toyota MR2 (1984 – 1989) 0

It’s true to say that when the Toyota MR2 (‘Midship Runabout’ 2) was first released back in the halcyon days of 1984; it was light years ahead of its time. The world was nowhere near ready for its ‘sleeky’ brilliance. It was a shock not only to Japan, where it was first rolled out, but(…)