A look back at the Bentley Mulsanne Turbo and Turbo R (1982 – 1995) 0

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The 1982 Mulsanne can legitimately be called the car that marked Bentley’s reemergence from under the shadow of Rolls-Royce.

When launched, the first Mulsanne Turbo looked similar in many ways to the standard version, but an Garrett AiResearch turbocharger attached to the 6750cc V8 engine boosted power by a whopping 50%. 300bhp was enough to propel the car to a limited 135 mph maximum speed.

The Mulsanne Turbo name was binned in 1985, the car was rebranded simply as the Bentley Turbo R. The new Blower Bentley was 30bhp up on its predecessor mostly due to the fitment of Bosch MK-Motronic fuel injection. The suspension was improved and upgraded which improved the overall dynamic experience dramatically.

Throughout its life, the Turbo R was constantly upgraded and improved on a more ‘to-order’ experience. Major upgrades included four-speed automatic transmission and a longer wheelbase. In 1992, a significant facelift took place ahead of the end of production in 1995.

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