A look back at the Ferrari 456 (1992 – 2003) 0

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Launched in 1992, the Ferrari 456 was billed as the ‘mature’ Ferrari for adults.

Set up as a traditional 2+2 with the engine in the front and the drive going to the rear wheels. As a result, this gave any grown-ups sitting in the back plenty of room to stretch out, still giving a fair amount of room for luggage in the boot.

Cars with ‘plenty of room in the back’ don’t usually sound that cool; the Ferrari 456 was different. Motoring journalists the world over went positively gaga for it. The rave reviews were reflected by the price. For a long time, the 456 was the most expensive Ferrari in the range – priced at more than £167k.

Under the bonnet was a 505-litre V12 that could thrash out 442, capable of 60mph in just over five seconds and a top speed of 187mph. It’s not hard to imagine why. Pop-up headlight completed the snazzy.

Strangely for such a stunning car, they’ve depreciated significantly over the years; it’s possible to pick one up for under £50k these days, a lot of money sure but very reasonable when you consider the original cost.

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