A look back at the Reliant Kitten (1972 – 1982) 0

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Put simply, the Reliant Kitten was the four wheel sister to the Robin and replacement for the Rebel (also a three-wheeler).

Arriving two years on the scene after the Robin, the Kitten’s low fuel consumption and high efficiency saw sales figure soar upon its release. Visually, the Kitten closely resembled the Robin – this no doubt was thanks to it being closely based on the Tom Karen original. Whatever your opinion of the Reliant family, the Kitten was arguably one of the UK’s first 1970s superminis, a pioneer in its field and trailblazer to the numerous editions to follow.

That said, the Kitten was expensive when compared to its mainstream rivals, plus it was cramped and basic to the point of being unrefined. The initial cost was offset by the car’s economy. The estate edition was particularly popular due to its usefulness around town.

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