English councils make £819 million on parking charges 0

Parking tickets under windshield wiper, close-up

Councils in England generated £819 million from parking charges and fines over the 2016-2017 period, a 10% increase on the previous year, a new study has revealed.

The amount comprises the income raised from parking charges and penalty notices after deducted running costs.

The study was conducted by the RAC Foundation who said motorists should ask how their council spends the money.

The Local Government Association said parking charging surplasses were invested back into “essential transport projects”.

The income collected by the 353 English local authorities rose by 6% while costs rose by 2% compared with the same time last year, when the surplus was £744 million.

London saw the majority of the highest totals, the largest in Westminster, which had a surplus of £73.2 million.

Brighton and Hove, Milton Keynes and Birmingham also saw large surplasses raised.

RAC Foundation director Steve Gooding said the rise in profits reflects the “record number of cars and volume of traffic”.

“We welcome the fact that councils are increasingly investing in technology to help make parking easier and less stressful,” he added.

Westminster Council has recently released an app that informs drivers the location of free parking spaces.

The Local Government Association’s transport spokesman, Martin Tett, said the charges were necessary to help raise money for essential road repairs as well as helping to keep roads clear, help pedestrians, motorists and cyclists safe and permit people to be able to park near their homes.

Top 10 councils in England with the largest parking operations surplus:

  1. Westminster £73.2m
  2. Kensington and Chelsea £32.1m
  3. Camden £26.8 m
  4. Hammersmith and Fulham £23.1m
  5. Brighton and Hove £21.2m
  6. Wandsworth £20.5m
  7. Islington £19.1 m
  8. Haringey £14.6m
  9. Hackney £14.5m
  10. Hounslow £12.0m

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