Half of UK’s speed cameras ‘are switched off’ 0

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Almost 50% of the UK’s speed cameras are defunct, it has been revealed – with many police forces having turned off their cameras entirely.

The figures were revealed after the Press Association under a freedom of Information request (FOI). It was found that 48% of roadside cameras are switched off.

Every police force in the UK was polled; 36 replied, collectively admitting that only 1486 of the 2838 cameras were operational.

Police forces in Northamptonshire, Cleveland, Durham and North Yorkshire admitted that none of their fixed cameras were functional. The yellow Gatsos and other units remain in place to deter speeders, however.

This news doesn’t necessarily mean that motorists have a license to speed in affected counties; forces confirmed the focus had moved away from speed cameras to mobile speed traps.

Edmund King, president of the AA, said: ‘Many of the empty yellow cases are due to cuts in road safety grants and the fact that digital cameras, although more effective, are very expensive. It has long been the case that cameras were moved between sites, depending on need. When it comes to the chances of being caught on camera, it is a postcode lottery. All cameras in City of London and Suffolk are working whereas only 5% are active in Staffordshire.’

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