Islington set to charge diesel drivers £2 surcharge to park from 2018 0

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Drivers of diesel cars will have to pay an additional £2 if they want to park in Islington from 2018 onwards.

The new legislation passed by the council, will be the first of its type in the UK. Drivers will be able to pay by entering their registration details into a pay-by-phone app. Prior to the additional surcharge, to park in Islington costs between £1.20 to £6 an hour.

The charge has been justified by council chiefs as “an inner city borough containing several major transport routes, Islington suffers from some of the highest pollution levels in London.”

The council added: “Diesel vehicles are linked with poor air quality and can emit up to four times more nitrogen oxides and twenty times more particulate matter than petrol vehicles.” Residents in the area already pay a diesel surcharge for a parking permit.

The AA’s president, Edmund King, told the Times newspaper the move was “unfair” and said not differentiating between older, more polluting diesel vehicles and newer models was “crazy”.

Mr King went on: “Many modern diesels are cleaner than older petrol models. It would be far more effective to target the 10 per cent of gross polluters that cause 50 per cent of the problem. These gross polluters are often older buses, taxis and trucks. This is a diesel ‘demonisation’ tax that should be scrapped.”

The D-Charge (as it’s being called) will work in addition to the current congestion charge and the recently introduced T-Charge which requires drivers of older, more polluting diesels to pay £10 if they drive through central London.

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