Jealous woman drunkenly trashes neighbour’s car by mistake 0

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Christine Ann Potten was understandably upset when she found her boyfriend was cheating on her, so after drowning her sorrows with a considerable amount of booze, she decided to exact a bit of revenge on his beloved car. It was only after she had finished wrecking his pride and joy that she realised it was actually someone else’s.

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After kicking off a rear windscreen wiper, door trim and the driver’s mirror, Potten was informed by a neighbour (who had been woken by the din) that the car she was destroying did not in fact belong to her boyfriend.

She then staggered back to the house she was staying in, leaving a trail of blood after cutting herself. When police arrived she answered the door saying: “I’m a naughty girl aren’t I?”

Potten, of Sturminster Newton, Dorset, was given a six-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay the car’s owner, Anita Meek, £336 compensation.

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