Koala takes 10 mile trip hidden behind front wheel 0

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A koala survived a ten mile road trip clinging to the axle of a 4×4 after climbing in for a doze.

The startled driver stopped after hearing the cries of the traumatized animal and called the emergency services, who removed the wheel to free the terrified marsupial.

“I could smell her burnt fur,” Jane Brister, from Fauna Rescue, told Reuters in a phone interview on Saturday. “It would have been hot in there.”

The koala was uninjured after her roadtrip, but sadly her joey (baby marsupial) who she would have been feeding at the time, was missing.

“I searched that night and the next day, and the next, but I never found it,” she said.

After a few days recovering under the watchful eyes of Fauna Rescue, the koala was released back into her natural habitat.

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