Motorists want police funding to be spent fighting terror NOT road crimes survey finds 0

Motorists want police funding to be spent fighting terror NOT road crimes survey finds

Motorists want police funding to be used to fight terrorism instead of road crimes, a new survey by Servicing Stop has found.

The online car servicing provider asked more than 1,200 drivers where they thought police funding should be spent following recent cuts to regular and armed police officers.

More than three-quarters (76%) said they would rather police patrolled the streets combating violence and terrorism as opposed to policing traffic, speeding, phone use and other minor crimes behind the wheel. Just under a quarter said policing the roads was more important.

The majority of motorists (62%) also said that they want their road tax put towards fixing potholes, while a further 16% said they would like the money to go towards retesting drivers of a certain age.

More than 10% of motorists said they want the Government to pay for the removal of speed bumps while the same amount said speed limits on motorways should be increased.

Oly Richmond, CEO of Servicing Stop, said: “Motorists are seemingly disappointed that roads remain in disrepair while police and road traffic enforcement officers get stricter.

“Widely publicised recent acts of terror have brought to home the danger lurking on British streets and it seems motorists would rather police efforts went wholly to that then anything else.”

This was a guest blog written by Servicing Stop PR Executive Jacqueline Gordon

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