Singapore to freeze car numbers 0

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Singapore is to freeze the amount of vehicles on its roads from next February.

The tiny but densely populated country has made the decision to cap numbers based on the scarcity of land and recent improvements to transport infrastructure.

In addition to the plans to control car numbers, Singapore already employs a policy where the cost of owning a car is elevated. This is done via a system where Singaporeans have to bid for the right to own and use a car.

This has resulted in far lower car ownership numbers than in other wealthy countries. Cars in Singapore can potentially cost four times as much as in the US.

The planned cap will apply to private cars and motorcycles, but not to goods vehicles and buses.

Of roughly one million vehicles on Singapore’s roads, just over 600,000 are private or rental cars, this includes those used via ride-hailing services like Uber and Grab.

Roads make up 12% of the country’s total land mass, a far higher percentage compared to larger countries.  

The Singaporean government has invested heavily in public transport, added 41 new train stations over the past six years, expanding the national network by 30%.

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