Speed bumps to be removed from UK roads 0


Motorists rejoice! Speed bumps could potentially be scrapped from UK roads as the government attempts to find ways of curbing pollution levels.

The move is being considered after research revealed that the hated humps have a negative effect on the environment – not to mention stress levels – because they result in greater levels of nitrogen oxide being released.

This will come as music to the ears of motorists who have held the humps responsible for ruining vehicles’ suspension over the years. They have also been accused of slowing down the response time of emergency services.

Local councils are now being told to remove the bumps as the government finds ways to lower pollution levels.

Despite the removal likely to be welcomed by the majority of drivers, millions of pounds of taxpayer money is likely to be used.

A new report has found that many of the UK’s roads exceed the legal limits of hazardous nitrogen dioxide caused by diesel engines.

A spokesman for the RAC, Simon Williams, praised the possible removal of the much maligned “sleeping policemen”.

He said: “We welcome the news on speed bumps, but we still need traffic calming measures.

“Some speed bumps can be too severe. So, from a road traffic safety point of view, speed cushions will be more effective. I think motorists will welcome this.”

But head of road safety at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, Kevin Clinton said the move could also increase deaths on the roads.

He said: “RoSPA agrees that air pollution caused by motor vehicles, especially older diesel vehicles, is a serious risk to public health and must be reduced.

“However, it is crucial that measures to reduce air pollution do not inadvertently increase the risk of road deaths and injuries.”

He added that ultimately, speed bumps have lowered the number of deaths on the country’s roads over the past few decades.

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