Ten year old leads police on 45-mile high speed chase 0

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In the US state of Ohio, police have been led 45 miles on a high-speed car chase through Cleveland pursuing the unlikely fugitive of a 10-year old boy.

The junior-school racer stole his mother’s boyfriend’s car before leading the Ohio State Highway Patrol on the chase, at one point skidding through a ditch to avoid spike strips.

It took five patrol cars to eventually bring the joyrider to a halt, traffic was stopped on the highway behind the pursuit due to safety concerns.

After stopping the car by ramming it, the police surround the vehicle before yanking the ten-year old through the open window. He was then handcuffed and locked in a patrol car.

The boy told officers he took the car because he became bored whilst waiting for his sister to drive him to school.

After noticing that the cart was gone, his mother phoned police and jumped into her car in pursuit.

This was actually the second time her son had tried the stunt, a few weeks before he had attempted to steal her car but had not got far due to three flat tyres.

Footage of the chase, taken by the police dashcams was posted on Youtube.

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